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6 traditional foods you should taste in Burkina Faso

6 traditional foods you should taste in Burkina Faso
Written by See Africa Today

West Africa is known for its cultural diversity. One thing that brings out the heritage of West African countries is their food. Burkina Faso is not an exemption. There are many types of food you should try in Burkina Faso.


Attieke is fermented and grated cassava served with fish and toppings such as cucumbers and tomatoes.


Locally known as tigadeguena is a meat stew, either prepared with lamb, beef or chicken cooked in peanut sauce, sweet potatoes, vegetables and onions. You can add spices if you love your food spicy.

Riz gras

Riz gras is a simple meal cooked with a lot of meat and spice

Traditional Foods in Burkina Faso

Riz Gras – Burkina Faso National Dish. [Photo by]

Yassa chicken/ Poulet Yassa

The chicken stew is the real deal. Tendered chicken is marinated in onions and lemon and served with rice.

Dégué /Dégé

A type of traditional dessert made of couscous millet in yoghurt together with dried raisins and honey.


The most popular street food in Burkina Faso made from ground black-eyed beans whose paste is moulded into small balls and fried. It is then served with chicken sauce.

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