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35 Liverpool Coaches Are in Nairobi for Coaching Masterclass

Liverpool Coaches Are in Nairobi
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Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi, Kenya from the UK for sports tourism. They touched down at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Wednesday much to the surprise of Kenyan football fans. Their visit comes amid heightened campaigns to attract more global tourists to the country.

Why are Liverpool Coaches Are Nairobi

The 35 coaches from the English Premier League (EPL) club Liverpool are in Nairobi for a unique three-day coaching initiative. Further, these coaches are drawn from the LFC Foundation and the Reds’ International Academy. The purpose of the visit is to offer their knowledge in supporting local coaches and developing Kenyan football talent.

Standard Chartered is the primary sponsor of LFC, under the “Play On: Train the Trainer” program. This program seeks to provide local coaches with the resources they need to motivate the upcoming generation of Kenyan football players. Especially girls as part of gender empowerment and development of African sports.

Liverpool Coaches Are in Nairobi

Liverpool Coaches Are in Nairobi for a three-day training session with local Kenyan football coaches. Photo/This is Anfield

While Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi, they will roll out a special combination of in-class lectures and hands-on training on the field. It is a part of the LFC coaching program that offers holistic training to local football coaches in Kenya.

Further, there is a person-centered approach to coaching mentorship and it extends to barriers to participation for girls in sports. Also, there will be a focus on the significance of mental health and well-being for young athletes. These are just a few of the topics that local coaches will cover. Furthermore, workshops will cover important topics such as balancing life and empowering women in leadership with a view to developing football in Kenya.

Impact of Liverpool Coaches Visiting Kenya

Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi for sports development. Although football takes centre stage in all this, the Liverpool coaches have an all-encompassing strategy which also acknowledges the obstacles girls encounter in participating in and succeeding in sports.

Joyce Kibe, Standard Chartered’s Head of Corporate Affairs and Brand Marketing hailed the program steered by LFC and Reds’ International Academy. She said that their goal is to make a big change in the Kenyan communities and sports is the main catalyst.

“Our goal is to create a lasting impact on our communities. This partnership allows us to support sustainable social and economic development while inspiring more girls to excel in the long term,” Kibe stated.

The learnings won’t stay confined to the training sessions. Local coaches will put their newfound knowledge to the test by creating their own session plans incorporating the “Play On” curriculum. These plans will then be implemented back in their communities, directly impacting girls at the grassroots level.

Does Kenya Have Many Female Football Players?

Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi

“Play On: Train the Trainer” program initiated by Standard Chartered Kenya. Photo/This is Anfield

The LFC and Standard Chartered project is a big step in the right direction to increase the number of female football players in Kenya. Although there are a few women’s football teams, the interest by other women to join the sport is significantly low. However, Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi to change this narrative.

The program aims to find and develop hidden talents by providing local coaches with the appropriate training and creating a nurturing environment. It’s not only about copying Liverpool’s style of play; but also, about giving local Kenyan football coaches the tools they need to nurture talent that can flourish in the community and possibly even make it to the world stage.

There is little doubt that the arrival of seasoned LFC coaches in Nairobi has excited the local football fan base. For Kenyan coaches, this is an amazing opportunity to become part of a world-class team and learn from the best. For the coaches as well as the future of Kenyan football, especially for young females who want to make their imprint on the beautiful game, this information and skill sharing is a win-win situation.


The three-day program where Liverpool coaches are in Nairobi feels and looks short, but it will undoubtedly have a lasting effect. Moreover, the “Play On: Train the Trainer” will revolutionize Kenyan football by empowering local coaches and creating a culture that values girls’ involvement. Though the future is still to be written, this endeavour sets the stage for something truly amazing in the Kenyan sporting scene. Besides developing Kenyan football from a gender perspective, training local Kenyan coaches is also a big step to promoting Kenyan sports tourism.

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