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5 fashion designers in Durban, South Africa

5 fashion designers in Durban, South Africa
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When you talk about fashion, South Africa is definitely on the list. It has made major strides in the fashion industry in the recent past. 

Durban is one of the cities quickly emerging to be a fashion powerhouse, putting South Africa in the same league with internationally recognised fashion boutiques. Here are the most famous fashion boutiques in Durban.

Holmes Bros

The Holmes Bros fashion brand is big in South Africa having been conceptualised from simple artistry on boards. The Holmes brothers later studied textile design and have an unrivalled brand in t-shirts for both men and women which gives a deeper meaning of South African culture

Amanda Laird Cherry

Amanda Laird Cherry is, perhaps, one of South Africa’s most experienced fashion designer having been around the world on fashion assignments. With her wealth of experience, she had created the biggest brand in South Africa available across every store in the country. It is simple but has some intricate details that make it outstanding. Her brand produces dresses, leather brogues, pumps and boots.

Fashion in Durban

Amanda Laird Cherry Looks To The Sea Waves That Evokes Feelings for. [Photo by According to Jerri]

Carol Clark

Carol Clark’s designs are a blend of vintage and a little bit of contemporary design. She says she represents the interests of women who want to feel good in some wear which builds their confidence and helps in how they express themselves. She currently runs three shops in Durban North.

Jane Sews

If you are looking for a classic silhouette, look no further. Jane Sews is the brainchild of designer Amy Venter. Although she has specialised much on women wear, she recently opened a kids line. The quality and style of her work are amazing

Silomo’s Boutique

Silomo Ntombela is the young lady with the interest of plus-sized women at heart. Her designs, skirts, jackets and tops all of which she says are inspired by the African culture creates a sense of confidence in plus-sized women.

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