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10 Countries with the Most Handsome Men in Africa 2024

most handsome men in africa 2024
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Kenya leads the way in having the most handsome men in Africa 2024 which is highly interesting.  A new survey by Insider Monkey puts together a list of 10 countries in Africa with the most desirable men. Perhaps by physique and a few other pointers.

Before we get into the African countries whose men are so much desired, let’s understand the physiological science behind these findings.

What Makes a Man Handsome?

Attraction is highly influenced by our tastes and beliefs today just as yester years. Research indicates that males with symmetrical faces are likely to be viewed as more handsome than those with asymmetrical faces. This is despite the fact that it is impossible to absolutely measure what individuals find attractive. Among the characteristics that distinguish a symmetrical face are prominent cheekbones and well-defined jawlines.

Men also appear more attractive because of their height as well. Taller guys are thought to possess greater self-assurance. Furthermore, males who have muscular bodies are more attractive to women because they represent strength. Men’s physical attributes aid in making a good initial impression, but over time, women are drawn to men’s personalities. Personality traits can sometimes compensate for a lack of physical attributes. Generally speaking, women prefer self-assured men with a vision and are family Keepers.

Which Countries Have the Most Handsome Men in Africa 2024?

These are the top 10 African countries with the most desirable men in 2024 in ascending order.


most handsome men in africa 2024

A Kenyan photographer. Photo/Antony Trivet Photography

Kenya tops the list of the most handsome men in Africa 2024. Why though? They are tall and muscular.  Their easy charm and bright grins represent the overall warmth that Kenya presents to the rest of the world. Moreover, fashion has a big impact on the outlook that men have. More Kenyan men are choosing more and more elegant fashion which makes them appear so refined.  Their genuine love of the outdoors and adventurous character make them even more appealing.


Nigerian men have a self-assured and captivating vibe.  Their elegant sense of style is displayed by their ability to mix traditional features with contemporary fashion.  Nigerians are extremely desirable because of their excellent work ethic and spirit of entrepreneurship.  Another level of complexity is added by their strong ties to their cultural history and love of family.


most handsome men in africa 2024

Ethiopian Male models. Photo/Pinterest

Men from Ethiopia are uniquely and remarkably beautiful; it’s no surprise they appear among the most handsome men in Africa 2024. Their confidence and pride are a reflection of their rich cultural past.  Their genuine hospitality instantly endears them, while traditional attire like the “shemma” lends a sense of elegance.  Ethiopia’s hardy landscape instils in its men a spirit of strength and perseverance, which many find so appealing.


Rwandan men are renowned for being intelligent and articulate.  They are really interesting people because of their commitment to learning and development on a personal level.  Rwandan fashion tends to be simple and contemporary, reflecting the country’s progressive mindset.  The Rwandan people are deeply respected and admired for their unwavering perseverance in the face of adversity.

South Africa

South African men come from a vast spectrum of ethnic backgrounds meaning they have a wide variety of attractive traits.  Their laid-back and friendly demeanour fosters a friendly and approachable environment.  The fashion scene in South Africa is a mash-up of international influences that gives men a wide range of stylistic options to represent who they are.  They are fascinating people to be with especially due to their outdoor enthusiast and spirit of adventure.


Angolan men have a captivating smile and expressive eyes.  Their lively culture is shown in their love of dance and music.  Bold hues and standout accessories are popular in Angolan fashion, giving outfits a dash of flair.  They are a pleasure to be around because of their easygoing demeanour and love of fine company.


The rugged and attractive appearance of Eritrean men is a result of their rich tradition-filled upbringing.  They are dependable because of their strong sense of family and community.  Eritrea’s simple and utilitarian style is a reflection of the national norms.  Their steadfast loyalty to their nation and sense of patriotism are highly regarded traits.


most handsome men in africa 2024

Morocco wouldn’t miss in the list of the most handsome men in Africa 2024. Moroccan men have striking dark eyes and sculpted features.  Their polite poise and well-mannered upbringing are a reflection of the rich cultural legacy of this North African country.  Subsequently, Moroccan fashion makes them stand out. Fashion here is characterized by rich materials and elaborate accents that showcase the country’s creative flare.  Here is the best part. Men exude a quiet confidence and a profound love of music and poetry.


Men from Somalia have a remarkable and respectable presence.  Their haughty posture and powerful features are a reflection of their extensive nomadic past.  The “maawis,” a type of traditional Somali dress, adds refinement and cultural importance to their looks. Somali men are devoted, and hard-working which adds a layer of attraction on them.


Ghanaian men have a contagious smile and sincere kindness that put them 10th on the list of the most handsome men in Africa 2024.  They are dependable and stable with an enviable respect for community and family.  Ghanaian fashion reflects their positive outlook with a lively blend of modern styles and traditional designs.  Their artistic nature and a deep-rooted urge to preserve their culture make them highly admirable.

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