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5 Most Fashionable African Countries

Most fashionable African countries
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Which are the most fashionable African countries? African fashion has gained much recognition in the past few years in the global fashion arena. The boundless creativity and resilience by African designers have earned them a seat on the table in international runway shows where they not only represent their brands but also their countries.

With the world starting to recognize the efforts of our able designers, we have decided to take a look at the most fashionable African countries. Below are the countries whose street styles, markets and fashion weeks are well-positioned to lead.

1. Nigeria

Anyone who has been to Nigeria will agree that they lead the way when it comes to most fashionable African countries. In fact, you just have to watch music videos of their songs or take a look at photos of their trending artists to agree.

Nigerian fashion

Nigerian models. Photo/ Joseph Ejiro.

Fashion is a way of life in Nigeria and that’s why the country is home to some of the most established designers and rising stars. Lagos, which is a city in Nigeria, is often dubbed the ‘New York of Africa’, as it is the beating heart of Africa’s fashion scene. The city is well known for its vibrant colours, eclectic designs and bold prints. It hosts the famous Lagos Fashion Week, an annual event that attracts the attention of fashionistas from all parts of the world.

2. South Africa

A few countries in the continent love fashion like South Africa and it’s no surprise that it ranks among the most fashionable African countries. The growing participation of South African designers in major fashion brands such as the Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Weeks is proof that the country has taken huge strides in developing its fashion industry.

South African fashion week puts on an amazing show that highlights the potential of the booming industry. Fashion in the southern hemisphere brings everything to the table, including fashionable ethnic looks, dashikis, traditional garbs embellished in beads as well as brightly coloured materials. The city of Johannesburg has emerged as a hub for trendsetting designers who are bringing forth a unique flavour of African authenticity and metropolitan style.

South Africa fashion

South African fashion week. Photo/ OkayAfrica.

3. Kenya 

Kenya, a country in East Africa well known for its striking landscapes and exciting wildlife, has not been left behind when it comes to the most fashionable African countries. From traditional textiles to the common streetwear, Kenyan fashion and design is a melting pot of influences.

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, is becoming the nexus of East African fashion and will soon be in the same heights as Nigeria and South Africa because of the emergence of skilled designers pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The country’s style decor of wildlife-inspired designs and ecological fashion projects make things look way more attractive here.

The designers in Kenya are not only focused on creating clothing and accessories that are beautiful but also environmentally conscious. Ensure you explore the Maasai markets to find curios, paintings, drawings, clothes, and fabrics with East African prints and jewellery.

4. Ghana


Ghanaian fashion. Photo/ In On Africa (IOA).

Ghana’s capital, Accra, is a living testament to the beauty of Africa’s fashion. The fashion hub is bursting with local artisans and designers who have specialized in reinventing traditional clothing with a modern twist.

Accra boasts a rich history and cultural scene which reflects the deep connection Africans have with their roots. Fashion here is deeply intertwined with the city’s music and art in general.

5. Senegal

Just like in Ghana, designers in Senegal are embracing Afro-futurism and pushing the boundaries to be known worldwide. A lot of effort is being put forward to ensure Senegal ranks among the most fashionable African countries. Some of the elements that Senegalese designers have incorporated into their collections include tailored pantsuits and bright boubous.

Popular designer Adama Ndiaye founded the Dakar Fashion Week, an event showcasing the innovative designs of Senegalese and pan-African designers as they mix heritage with a forward-looking aesthetic.

Dakar fashion week

Fashion in Senegal. Photo/ BBC.

Which Country in Africa Has the Best Clothes?

The traditional clothing of Africa is among the most beautiful in the whole world and represents the rich culture of the continent. Below are African countries with the best clothes that make for a colourful, stylish and vibrant scene:

  1. Ghana
  2. Nigeria
  3. Cameroon

What Is the Fashion Capital of Africa?

Often dubbed the ‘New York of Africa’, Lagos is the beating heart of Africa’s fashion scene and is often considered the fashion capital of Africa. Lagos’ influence transcends Nigeria, making ripples throughout West Africa and beyond.

What Country in Africa Is a Fashion Hub?

The fashion industry in Africa is booming but the majority of the countries are yet to reach the same heights as Nigeria. Lagos City, which is the economic capital of Nigeria, has established itself as a major fashion hub in Africa.

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