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12 African Cities with the Best Healthcare

african cities with the best healthcare
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African Cities with the best healthcare are a true gem to anyone planning an African safari or relocation. Proper health systems are among the top three hierarchy needs some African countries spend millions of dollars in every budget year.

Moreover, Africa is turning out to be a retirement paradise for different people across the world. One of the major factors they look at is how good a country’s health system is. This article focuses on African cities with advanced health systems.

Which African Country Has the Best Health Care System?

South Africa has the best healthcare system in Africa. It scored 63.5 in the continent’s health index in 2023 followed by Kenya with 61.5 points according to Numbeo’s 2023 Health Care Index by City. The health care index considers several variables, including the general standard of treatment, medical specialists, staff, equipment, and physician costs.

Everyone, including immigrants, is guaranteed access to healthcare under the terms of the South African constitution. Additionally, the public healthcare system provides free basic care in hospitals and clinics, catering to the majority.  It also leads the globe in giving HIV/AIDS patients antiretroviral therapy.

Which are the African Cities With The Best Healthcare?

Here are the 12 African cities with the best healthcare.

Cape Town

One of the many respectable medical facilities in Cape Town is Mediclinic Cape Town, which provides a comprehensive range of medical treatments. Men’s health is also the focus of Men’s Clinic Cape Town, and alternative therapies are offered by Cape Chiropractor and other chiropractic clinics. The city has everything needed to accommodate both locals and visitors.

african cities with the best healthcare

Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Photo/Cape Town ETC


Pretoria is home to medical facilities like the cutting-edge technology-equipped Netcare Pretoria East Hospital and the individualized care-renowned Zuid Afrikaans Hospital. Mediclinic Kloof Hospital is popular for its specialist care. The healthcare system in the city is greatly influenced by these facilities.


african cities with the best healthcare

King Edward VII’s Hospital in Johannesburg. Photo/LaingBuisson News

South African capital, Johannesburg is at the heart of African Cities with the best healthcare. King Edward VIII Hospital, a tertiary-level facility located in the capital provides services to KwaZulu-Natal and the larger Eastern Cape region. Joint Medical Holdings (City Hospital) has a trauma unit that is open around-the-clock along with excellent nursing care.  There are other private facilities in Johannesburg offering world-class medical services.


Durban is home to the sub-acute hospital Humana Health Care and the pediatric heart surgery centre Ethekwini Hospital and Heart Centre. Then, Lenmed Shifa Hospital provides all-inclusive medical services.


Kenya’s capital, Nairobi is not only famous as an East African commercial but also a centre of medical excellence.  As one of the African Cities with the best healthcare, players in the sector have invested massively in research, medical equipment, personnel and care. While public hospitals serve a huge population, private hospitals offer specialized and modern care.


Nigeria’s commercial capital has a glowing healthcare system. Private hospitals carry the day here as they are better staffed, funded and equipped. Generally, though, research development in Nigeria’s medical field is well-funded.


african cities with the best healthcare

Casablanca hospital. Photo/Asharq Al-Awsat

Morocco’s largest city and capital city has a mix of public and private healthcare options. The public system offers heavily subsidized care, but quality may vary depending on location.  Private facilities are emerging, particularly for wealthier citizens, offering more specialized treatment. Still factoring in the quality of services offered, it makes it to the African Cities with the best healthcare.


Algiers prioritizes public healthcare and offers substantial subsidies, much like Casablanca.  A lot of middle-income earners rely on the public healthcare system while the wealthy opt for private options.


The public healthcare system in Tunisia is highly respected and prioritizes preventative care.  In comparison to South Africa, private options are less common in Tunis because of the proactive approach.


The healthcare industry in Ghana’s capital is expanding rapidly. While considerable speciality is available, public hospitals offer basic care as well.

Alexandria has a reputation for being a medical hub for medical studies, and its influence still reigns in the current emphasis on medical research and education. The city has a range of options for both public and private healthcare. Public hospitals offer free medical care, but their supplies and equipment may be limited. Private hospitals with cutting-edge equipment and specialized physicians, win it with the best medical care in Africa.


Cairo, the Egyptian capital, has the nation’s greatest concentration of medical facilities and specialists. Compared to other cities, there is a greater variety of innovative therapies available at numerous hospitals that specialize in different sectors.

Its public healthcare system sometimes struggles with overcrowding, lengthy wait periods, and inadequate funding. Nevertheless, it provides very good services. Private hospitals, such as Dar Al Fouad Hospital, provide a more comfortable experience with staff who understand English and state-of-the-art technology.


In the 12 African cities with the best healthcare, it is evident that private hospitals score highly. While public hospitals try to match the services offered in private facilities, they are not as largely funded which impacts the quality of services. Nevertheless, they are equally great.

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