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Africa Media Festival 2024 Becomes Kenya’s Biggest Media Fest

africa media festival 2024
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The Africa Media Festival 2024 successfully ignited Nairobi with two power-packed days of innovation, inspiration, and collaboration. This festival went down at the National Museums of Kenya on February 21 and February 2022.

A joint accord of the festival was bringing the African media space together and transforming it into a vibrant hub for exploring the future of African media. Topics such as the state of Africa, the world of AI and the opportunities it brings, and finding and serving new audiences were covered. In addition, learning about the power of community in media, gender-based reporting, podcasting and the opportunities it presents among other things.

Who Are The Organizers of Africa Media Festival 2024?

Baraza Media Lab, organised the Africa Media Festival 2024 with representation by media players from every corner of the continent.

About Baraza Media Lab

africa media festival 2024

They commenced their journey in 2019 with a mission to revolutionize Kenya’s media and creative sector, aiming to foster innovation and push boundaries. Their vision was inspired by insights from a collaborative report by Reboot and Luminate, which highlighted trust issues, fragmented working environments, and distressed business models as significant challenges in the media landscape.

Luminate not only conducted research but also took tangible steps to tackle these challenges head-on. Consequently, Baraza Media Lab emerged as a dynamic hub tailored for collaboration, experimentation, and the exploration of creative boundaries among media professionals, civil society actors, and creatives all of whom were important players in the Africa Media Festival 2024. This platform was dedicated to telling stories of public interest and devising sustainable solutions to industry challenges.

Over the last five years, the founders envisioned Baraza Media Lab as a force strengthening and supporting the media ecosystem. The lab’s impact became palpable as it gave rise to ideas resonating throughout the region, fostering creative synergies, and providing resources through initiatives like Media Incubation and collaborative ventures such as Fumbua.

Starting with just a duo in January 2020, the Lab has now evolved into a team of 13 full-time members along with occasional consultants who share a common dream. The lab’s flagship events such as the Africa Media Festival, Story Sosa, and the Fumbua program have played pivotal roles in fostering collaborative endeavours within the media domain.

To extend its reach, Baraza expanded its operations into peri-urban areas and secondary towns across Kenya, aiming to empower media and creative ventures within these communities. Scaling up programs like data storytelling and addressing skill gaps and business challenges within the industry are integral components of their future endeavours.

Driven by a spirit of community and ubuntu, Baraza Media Lab has forged collaborations with media houses, governmental bodies, civil society, and like-minded organizations. The lab was conceived as a platform for networking, collaboration, and experimentation among diverse media practitioners, nurturing a community dedicated to serving the public interest.

Despite notable achievements such as broadening its membership base and incubating storytellers gaining mainstream recognition, the Lab faces ongoing challenges, including the need to enhance its understanding of the media ecosystem, increase engagement with traditional media, bridge intergenerational gaps, and establish strategic collaborations at local and regional levels.

Moving forward, the lab remains committed to making a greater impact in Kenya, East Africa, and beyond, while continually fostering trust, community, and networks within the media sphere.

What Were the Objectives of Africa Media Festival 2024?

africa media festival 2024

Kenya journalist Timothy Njuguna alias Njugush turned comedian at the Africa Media Festival. Photo/Africa Media Festival

The objectives of the Africa Media Festival 2024 are multifaceted, aiming to explore the future of African media while fostering an environment conducive to creativity, innovation, and collaboration. The festival seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. Celebrate Cutting-edge Innovations: The festival intends to celebrate and showcase cutting-edge innovations in the media sector, enhancing knowledge and inspiring sharing around trends and experimentation. This includes exploring new approaches to media independence and sustainability in Africa.
  2. Spark Cross-disciplinary Conversations: The festival aims to spark cross-disciplinary conversations among participants, fostering trust and collective action within the media industry. By bringing together professionals from diverse backgrounds, the festival creates a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  3. Offer Immersive Sessions: Through various session formats, including Ignite Talks, Demos, Workshops, and Conversations, the festival offers immersive experiences for attendees. These sessions provide opportunities for learning, inspiration, and practical skill development.
  4. Ignite Talks: These dynamic presentations challenge speakers to be concise, creative, and captivating, sharing personal and professional passions in just five minutes.
  5. Demos: Showcase the latest technology, products, and creative innovations in 7-8 minute presentations, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of media.
  6. Workshops: Provide 90-minute immersive, interactive sessions where participants can gain practical skills and knowledge applicable to their personal or professional lives.
  7. Conversations (Unconference): Participant-driven sessions that deviate from the traditional conference format, allowing attendees to shape the agenda and engage in genuine dialogue and collaboration.

Overall, the Africa Media Festival 2024 intent was to inspire attendees to explore new horizons, stay updated on industry advancements, and actively participate in shaping the future of media in Africa. Through its diverse range of sessions and formats, the festival provides a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of the African media landscape.

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