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7 Most Expensive Tourist Attractions in Africa

most expensive tourist attractions in africa
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Picture the sights of opulence surrounding you every minute of your vacation and you have an almost clear image of the most expensive tourist attractions in Africa.

African exclusive destinations are diverse and only target a reclusive group of travelers with an immense love for the fine things in life. While you thought that sunsets and wildlife were all about this continent; you missed a thought. Africa is mix of adventure, luxury, safari and boundless colourful beaches.

So, where do you splurge for the most extravagant experiences? Buckle up, wanderlust warriors, because this article dives deep into the priciest playgrounds Africa has to offer.

Which are the Most Expensive Tourist Attractions in Africa?

Here are seven places in Africa where only those with deep pockets visit.

Sirai House (Kenya)

Sirai House is undoubtedly among the most expensive tourist attractions in Africa located in Borana Conservancy, Laikipia County. Talk of elegance and style. The expansive conservancy rests at the foothills of Mt Kenya with beautiful view of its snow-peaked summit.

Sirai House

Sirai House. Photo/Beyond Kenya Safaris

Sitting on a 250-acre estate within the conservancy, Sirai House charges from $14,000 per night or up to six guests. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old are charged $864 per child per night. All bookings are only validated if they are a minimum of three nights. The clientelle here includes the who is who in the US, Europe and beyond. Wealthy movie stars from the West, Olympians and global tycoons visit Sirai in utmost silence.

This residence comprises a central residence and six bedrooms. Each comes with a drawing room, pool, multiple seating areas, a bar, billiards room, library, dining room, gallery, cinema, boma, and a veranda. You also enjoy fly camping on request.

Rovos Rail (South Africa)

Did you know Rovos Rail in South Africa is the most luxurious in the continent? It takes you to different destinations across South African while you rest in exclusive rooms on board. The train trips and stays takes up to 15 days with a minimum booking period of two days. A night cost above $1,650.

most expensive tourist attractions in africa

Rovos Rail. Photo/Rovos Rail

Rovos Rail was introduced in 1989, Rovos and it has garnered global reputation for delivering unparalleled luxury in train journeys. It connects some of Africa’s premier destinations, offering bespoke travel experiences with curated off-train excursions.  Some of its iconic offerings include vintage wood-panelled coaches, and world-class service. The train ride has South Africa’s finest wine on the package.

The rail ride only accommodates a maximum of 72 passengers in 36 suites, available for both individual bookings and exclusive charters. Additionally, the Events Train caters to up to 250 guests, perfect for daytime journeys.

Bisate Lodge (Rwanda)

All About Rwanda’s Most Expensive Luxurious Lodge,Bisate Lodge

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda. [Photo: Expert Africa]

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda is not only one of the most expensive tourist attractions in Africa but an acclaimed luxurious eco-friendly lodge. A night here cost upwards of $1,500 but it is worth every dime. This eco-friendly lodge has six thatched villas assuming a bird’s nest design deep in Volcanoes National Park.

Tswalu Kalahari (South Africa)

Tswalu presents an authentic wilderness encounter on the southernmost fringe of the Kalahari. Its offering is an exclusive entry to South Africa’s largest privately protected area. Stretching from the distinctive Korannaberg Mountains to the characteristic arid savannah of the southern Kalahari; you rhyme up with the ochre dunes stretching into the horizon.

Guests also wrap themselves up in private safari within this private conservancy, nature walks, horserides and star beds among other adventurous activities. Tswalu has three camps, each with different amenities and pricing.

  • The Motse Camp charges $5,500 per night.
  • Tarkuni Camp charges $18,000 per night
  • Loapi Camp charges $13,000 per night

Motse, Loapi and Tarkuni camps all live up to the bargain of the most expensive tourist attractions in Africa.

Royal Mansour (Morocco)

most expensive tourist attractions in africa

Royal Masour in Marrakech, Morocco. Photo/Dorsia Travel

Royal Mansour in Morroco’s tourist hub Marrakech gives you a heavenly experience in Morocco for a premium. Everything from service, food and amenities but it matches all of this and exceeds expectation. However, the iconic Moroccan architecture, culture and the spa crown your experience of luxury in a city globally famed for its tourism elegance.

Some of its offering in accommodation include the eccentric, yet rustic Riads ($2,500) suites ($4,500) and signature suits ($10,000) per night.

andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge (Tanzania)

andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge sits at the periphery of the faous Ngorongoro Crater. On a first and quick look, you appreciate the beauty of what remains of a collapsed volcano complimented by a lustrous interior with the elegance of a French chateau.

The lodge captivates with its stunning location enveloping guests in a luxurious ambiance blending in African and French architectural elements. Suites charges start at $1,660 while family suites cost $5,500 per night.

The Manta Resort (Zanzibar)

For $6,800, the Seafront Villa of The Manta Resort in Pemba, Zanzibar treats you to the best of moments in an African beach. The resort has one of few underwater rooms in the Indian Ocean where you enjoy rare moments of luxury under the ocean. Above this, you enjoy a its Garden Villa and gourmet delight.

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