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Experience Luxury Travel With Direct Air Tanzania Flights to Dubai

air tanzania flights to dubai
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The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) interest in Tanzania has received a major boost with the launch of direct Air Tanzania flights to Dubai. This is good news for business travellers transacting business between Dar es Salaam and Dubai.

With a roundtrip ticket price of $530, it is by far the cheapest flight travellers from Tanzania to Dubai and vice versa will enjoy. There are almost twice as many global headquarters serving Africa as there are on the entire continent. In this case, Dubai has become a major hub for business travel to and from Africa.

More than 30,000 African-owned companies now call this UAE commercial hub home. Tanzania fits in well in all this as a developing African country and a top tourist destination in East Africa.

When Will Air Tanzania Flights to Dubai Start?

Air Tanzania flights to Dubai start on March 31, 2023, with return tickets ranging from $530. This Tanzanian carrier will have four weekly flights to Dubai on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Dubai is a major tourist destination known for its luxurious offerings, shopping malls, and entertainment options. Easier access will attract more leisure tourists from Tanzania to Dubai, generating revenue for both the airline and the tourism industry.

air tanzania flights to dubai

An Air Tanzania plane. There will be four weekly direct flights to Dubai from Tanzania starting March 31. Photo/Kenyan Wallstreet

Conversely, Tanzania is popular for its wildlife, beaches and Swahili culture which present massive investment opportunities. Thus, Air Tanzania is providing a scale-up for business tourism this year. Therefore; four weekly flights to and from Tanzania will facilitate business travel between Tanzania and Dubai.

Does Air Tanzania Fly to Dubai?

Air Tanzania launched its inaugural flight from Dar es Salaam to Dubai in October 2023. These flights connect to Nairobi in Kenya or Entebbe in Uganda before transiting to Dubai.

The most popular destination to and from Dubai is Kilimanjaro, a popular tourist hotspot in Arusha. Kilimanjaro International Airport operates Air Tanzania flights to Dubai. The best month to find the cheapest Kilimanjaro to Dubai Air Tanzania flights is without a doubt June. April according to the airline’s data has some of the most expensive airfares.

Why is Kilimanjaro a Popular Spot for Air Tanzania Flights to Dubai?

Kilimanjaro is an adventurous place to be. Decked in the breezy city of Arusha, the sight of Mt Kilimanjaro thrills. Climbing to the highest peak of Mt Kilimanjaro is the most fascinating activity in this part of Tanzania. It offers a challenging but rewarding adventure which is a stark contrast to what Dubai offers in terms of tourism.

While it is a globally known tourism hotspot, the Arab city offers more artificial adventure thrills, Tanzania still has it in tourism. Dubai offers man-made wonders, but Kilimanjaro is the epitome of unadulterated natural beauty. Kilimanjaro offers a broad range of scenery, including glaciers and rainforests that provide comfort to hikers and environment enthusiasts looking to escape the urban jungle.

stunning facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain

Mt Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak. [Photo courtesy]

For bucket listers, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is an amazing accomplishment and a prominent badge of honour for many explorers. Travellers visiting Dubai who want to have exclusive travel perks could be lured to this challenge.

In addition, travellers who care about the environment are more inclined to visit these two places. Dubai’s expansion has an environmental cost. Air Tanzania is supporting conservation efforts and promoting an ethical travel experience to environmentally aware tourists. Sustainable adventures like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro promote another unseen facet of tourism.

How Much is a Flight from Tanzania to Dubai?

Air ticket prices under the direct Air Tanzania flights to Dubai range from $530 for a round trip. The carrier is promoting the convenience of travel with affordable airfare for two-way trips.

How Many Hours is Tanzania to Dubai?

A flight to Dubai from Tanzania takes at least 5 hours and 35 minutes whether you are flying from Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar.

In a nutshell, direct flights to Dubai from Tanzania will bridge the gap between Dar and the UAE while boosting tourism and business for both regions. Moreover, Air Tanzania is positioning itself as a budget-friendly option for travellers looking for an airline with competitive fares. Lastly, adding the direct flight to Dubai aligns with Air Tanzania’s growth strategy to grow its network and open up Tanzania.

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