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27th edition of the 2019 Koroga Festival

27th edition of the 2019 Koroga Festival
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What else brings people together under one roof to other than a celebration of music, food and art? Well, this is what Kenya’s Koroga Festival is all about; music, food and fashion

Koroga Festival is a bi-annual two-day event and it’s theme ‘Koroga’ is borrowed from Swahili to mean ‘mix’. The event brings out a blend of Kenya’s music from different genres, tribes and showcases Kenya as an Africa country that appreciates diverse talents usually performed in an open boutique market in Nairobi.

The 2019 Koroga Festival is the 27th edition and it will be held at the Two Rivers Mall, one of the most modernised mals in Kenya and Africa, on September 21 to September 22. The 26th edition was held at Tatu City in May.

Koroga festival 2019 line up; Upcoming boy band Sailors, The Decimators and Zero Sufuri are some of the artists who will perform on the first day of the fete. Wyre, Redsan and Alpha Blondy are set to perform on the second and final day of the event.

The Koroga festival 2019 tickets are going for between Sh1,000 and Sh5,000.

[The 25th edition of Koroga Festival – by Stephen Ouma]

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