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Top 10 Best Food Markets in Africa

top 10 best food markets in africa
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Breathtaking landscapes, culture, beautiful people and a myriad opportunities describe Africa. But that the puzzle isn’t complete without the mention of the top 10 best food markets in Africa. With a total population of 1.4 billion people, food is both an integral and huge part of the African food market.

Savouring the local cuisine is a key component of experiencing a place’s soul. And there’s no better way to do that than venturing into the heart of it. These markets offer a sensory explosion of sights, sounds, and flavours of the African food culture.

Which are the Top 10 Food Markets in Africa?

If you are a foodie or culture freak, add the following 10 African markets to your bucket list.

1. Marrakech Medina Market, Morocco

top 10 best food markets in africa

Marrakech Medina Market. Photo/Get Your Guide

This vibrant market, located within the meandering lanes of Marrakech’s ancient Medina, offers tourists a sensory extravaganza. Here, the aroma of sizzling tagines and freshly baked bread blend with the scent of spices. The Marrakech Medina Market provides a true taste of Moroccan food. It featuring everything from delicious dates and classic Moroccan pastries to exotic herbs and fragrant spices. Thus, its appearance among the top 10 food markets in Africa.

2. Oranjezicht City Farm Market, South Africa:

The Oranjezicht City Farm Market in Cape Town honors regional food and handcrafted goods. Stalls full of artisan preserves, gourmet cheeses, fresh baked bread, and organic fruits and vegetables await visitors. With stunning views of Table Mountain in the distance, this market offers a charming environment for experiencing South Africa’s delectable cuisine.

3. Aswak Assalam Market, Senegal:

The Aswak Assalam Market, at the heart of Senegal’s capital, Dakar, is a hive of activity. Residents congregate here to purchase and trade a variety of West African ingredients and delicacies. This market provides a window into Senegal’s unique culture and culinary traditions, featuring everything from freshly caught fish and tropical fruits to brilliant fabrics and traditional crafts.

4. Souq el Had, Morocco:

top 10 best food markets in africa

Souq el Had in Agadir, Morocco. Photo/Explore Agadir

Souq el Had in Agadir, is not only one of the top 10 food markets in Africa but also one of the biggest markets in North Africa. It’s a treasure in Morocco’s food culture. Here, tourists can meander through winding alleyways dotted with vendors offering a wide range of things. From leather goods and handcrafted ceramics to spices and olives. Moroccan dishes such as tagines, couscous, and freshly squeezed orange juice may be found in abundance at the market’s food section.

5. Kejetia Market, Ghana:

Kejetia Market in Kumasi, is a popular outdoor market in West Africa. Usually, it is a hive of activities as vendors from all over Ghana and neighbouring countries come to trade. Visitors enjoy a variety of Ghanaian dishes, such as grilled meats, spicy stews, and fried plantains, among the bustling crowds and vibrant kiosks.

6. Balogun Market Lagos, Nigeria

Balogun Market is the largest of the top 10 food markets in Africa. This enormous market offers everything from fresh seafood and mountains of seasonal vegetables. There is also an incredible assortment of chiles and regional spices.

7. Central Market, Madagascar:

Situated near the center of Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo, the Central Market is a busy hub. Merchants provide a diverse range of products, such as fish, fresh produce, and spices. While taking in the lively ambiance of the market, you immerse yourself in Malagasy food.

8. Mercado Municipal de Maputo, Mozambique:

Visitors can savor the delicacies of Mozambique’s varied culinary heritage at the Mercado Municipal a lively market in Maputo’s central business district. This market offers a mouthwatering selection of Mozambican delights, from fresh seafood and tropical fruits to peri-peri chicken and piri-piri spices.

top 10 best food markets in africa

Top 10 food markets in Africa. Photo/Quartz

9. Souq Al-Melh, Tunisia:

Souq Al-Melh, a medieval market known for its scented spices, fragrant teas, and distinctive Tunisian sweets, is the pride of Tunis. Wandering through its busy squares and small lanes, sample regional delicacies like makroud (a pastry packed with dates), harissa (a hot chili paste), and brik (a savory pastry).

10. Halaq Market Cape Town, South Africa

Fresh produce abounds, with rows of vendors selling anything from spicy; from Cape Malay curries, boerewors sausages to South African melons and citrus fruits.  Suck into a flavourful loaf of bread called bunny chow, which is loaded with curry, or enjoy a hot cup of rooibos tea, a herbal infusion from South Africa.


Africa has an abundance of delectable food experiences waiting to be discovered. From the spice-scented souks of Morocco to the busy marketplaces of Ghana and beyond. Every market on this list offers a different experience into the diverse range of African food and culture.

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