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4 Amazingly Memorable Things to Do in Uhuru Park

Things to do in Uhuru Park
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From exploring the old features to the new ones added to the refurbished park, this list of things to do in Uhuru Park is long. Uhuru Park was officially reopened to the public on Saturday, March 30, by Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja following its closure in 2022 to facilitate renovations.

The new-look Uhuru Park park now features an old aircraft that has been converted into a high-end hotel, ice cream parlours constructed using old buses, modern garden features, outdoor library and iconic features such as monuments dedicated to the Mau Mau freedom fighters.

On top of that, there are picturesque walkways, a skating park, an outdoor library as well as an outdoor amphitheatre making the park a must-visit. If you’re planning to visit the park as soon as this coming weekend, here are four best things to do in Uhuru Park:

1. Explore The Nature

Things to do in Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park is an ideal place to connect with nature. Photo/ NTV Kenya.

Uhuru Park is one of the best places in Nairobi to go to if you want to connect with nature. The revamped park is even better now following its reopening as there is a well-maintained nature trail, plant nursery, manicured lawns, green spaces and enhanced sideways making it an ideal venue to connect with nature.

Final touches are ongoing at Central Park which is literally across the road from Uhuru Park. At Central Park, nature lovers will have more opportunities to connect with nature as it is features a botanical garden that showcases Kenya’s diverse flora.

2. Enjoy Modern Conveniences 

Next on best things to do in Uhuru Park is enjoying modern conveniences such as a skating park and modern restrooms to relieve yourself. Also, there’s an outdoor amphitheatre with an audio-visual screen and a children’s play area with bouncing castles and merry-go-rounds to ensure the younger visitors have quality time throughout the day.

Skating park

There’s a skating park and a jogging track inside Uhuru Park. Photo/

3. Have Cultural Experience

Uhuru Park offers visitors the opportunity to get the cultural experience of different communities in Kenya. There’s an events garden shaped like a nyatiti (a traditional string instrument) which offers unique venues for cultural events.

You can also learn about Kenya’s history at the park as the iconic Nyayo statue and Mau Mau freedom fighters’ monuments have been updated as well.

4. Enjoy a Meal at the New Modern High-end Hotel      

As earlier mentioned, there’s a new high-end hotel opened at the refurbished Uhuru Park. The hotel is an old aircraft which has been designed to make it look fantastic and add a unique touch to the park’s ambience. Delicious meals which you can enjoy with your family are served here. There’s also a Swahili restaurant opened near the man-made lake which will definitely be serving mouth-watering Swahili dishes.

Still in maters to do with eateries, old buses in the park have been used to build various ice cream parlours at Uhuru Park to bring that nostalgic feeling as well as enhance the park’s aesthetics.

How Much Does It Cost to Enter Uhuru Park?

Entry to Uhuru Park is free but you’ll have to pay a parking fee and a camera fee if you want to take photos of the beautiful garden. The parking fee is Ksh 200 while the camera fee is Ksh 5000, which is very high.

Uhuru Park

Uhuru Park is now open to the public. Photo/ People Daily.

How Much Is Boat Riding in Uhuru Park?

Even though Kenyans are not required to pay any entry fee when accessing Uhuru Park, payment is made for activities such as boat riding. While we don’t know the new charges for boat riding in Uhuru Park following its reopening, the cost was initially Ksh 300 per boat = 100 bob per person.

What Is Found in Uhuru Park?

There are plenty of things found in Uhuru Park but the most famous ones are an artificial lake, a fountain and an assembly ground perfect for skateboarding. The park also houses the Nyayo monument and offers stunning views of Nairobi’s skyline. Some of the most popular things to do in Uhuru Park include boating, camel and horse riding.

What Is the Importance of Uhuru Park?

Uhuru Park holds great importance for the Kenyan people, as it was here that Kenya’s independence was declared at midnight on December 12th, 1963. The park is now a famous destination for tourists and locals alike in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.

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