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Why you should visit Quartier Industrial Sidi Ghanem in Marrakech, Morocco

Why you should visit Quartier Industrial Sidi Ghanem in Marrakech, Morocco
Written by See Africa Today

Marrakech is Morocco’s pride known by width and breadth for various reasons among them the historic and cultural values for Moroccans. However, it is in Marrakech where the little known Quartier Industrial Sidi Ghanem is located.

Sidi Ghanem is the industrial centre of Marrakech with a wide range of products on offer but it is highly reputable among fashion designers. The centre is where fashion designers; local and foreign camp for the best fabric in the country. Most of the products manufactured in Sidi Ghanem are exported, although a sizeable portion of them are sold locally.

Besides fabric, Sidi Ghanem has concrete workshops where different items are manufactured for export purposes. To break the ice, the industrial hub has amazing restaurants and large warehouses.

Although it is much of an industrial hub in the Red city of Marrakech, it also has one of the best shopping experiences especially on textile, furniture, utensils and interior decoration objects. Ceramics are the most sought-after hand-made pottery works. Loun shop is the place to go for these products while Nihal, is in great stock for household items such as woven items, curtains, wall hangings, cushion covers and the like.

For classy furniture designs, Magasin Generale is highly recommended while Amira’s candles and Main Fenyadi give you the best of interior decor for your house.

Salima Abdel Wahab is a powerhouse for fashion design. Most of the Moroccan traditional attire for both men and women are designed here with a twist of modernity in them. For trendy outfits, Topolina is an excellent choice for you to check out.

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