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Top 5 Most Beautiful Tribes in Africa

The Masai
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What is the most beautiful tribe in Africa? Part of the remarkable nature of Africa is the fact that all tribes are blessed with beauty. The rest is simply down to personal preference and what you find attractive such as skin colour, facial features, body shape, personal abilities and sense of fashion.

Western standards of beauty favour Northern and Eastern Africa, where there is Arabic, Nubian and also Indian beauty heritage. However, the real African beauty goes beyond the personal attributes we see. The most beautiful tribes in African are also the most recognized and renowned tribes in the continent. So, what is the most beautiful tribe in Africa?

1. Xhosa

The Xhosa

Beautiful Xhosa women. Photo/

The Xhosa people are South Africa‘s second most populous tribe after the Zulu. They are also one of the oldest African tribes. The Xhosa language is widely spoken in the southern parts of South Africa by almost 20 percent of the population.

Even though the Xhosa people have largely been integrated into western society, they still proudly hold onto their culture. They are known for their beautiful beadwork, which form an important part of women’s traditional clothing. The women adorn themselves in traditional orange or red blankets and wear long necklaces of beads, with collars of multi-coloured beads around the neck.

2. Himba 

Namibia is a land of diverse cultures, but perhaps none are as captivating as that of the Himba people. Even though they are semi-nomadic, the Himba tend to establish themselves at a homestead made of earth. From here, they will travel in search of water or for the men to hunt.

Himba women are known for their headdress. They have long hair in dread lock and coated with red clay just like their body. Their otjize-coated hair and skin create a flawless and radiant complexion create an elegance to them. The Himba is sometimes said to be the most beautiful tribe in Africa.

Himba women

Himba women. Photo/ History of Yesterday.

3. The Maasai 

The Maasai are arguably one of the most recognized tribes in Africa. Visually, they are recognized for their breaded jewellery and red blankets, popularly known as ‘shukas’. The Maasai village consists of semi-permanent huts constructed of cattle dung, sticks and grass. Over the years, their traditions have remained unchanged.

One of the interesting facts about the Maasai culture is when a boy reaches age, tradition requires him to venture into the bush and kill a male lion. The practice is usually undertaken with a great sense of respect and the female lions are never attacked.

The Masai

The Maasai tribe women. Photo/ BBC.

4. The San 

The San is not only said to be the most beautiful tribe in Africa but also thought to be one of humanity’s closest connections to our genetic origins. According to reports, many of Africa’s tribes can be traced back to the San, also known as Saan. The San have been existing for at least 20,000 years.

They are very beautiful and friendly people. Around their ankles the men wear rattles, which are cleverly crafted from their traditional outfits and dried seed pods. On the other hand, the women wear a blanket made of leather and some jewelry.

5. Mursi

Well, you can’t talk about the most beautiful tribe in Africa and fail to mention the Mursi of Ethiopia. The Mursi are one of Africa’s smallest tribes with a population of slightly over 10,000 people.

beautiful tribe in ethiopia

A Mursi woman. Photo/ Jayne Mclean Photographer.

Living in the far southwest corner of Ethiopia, one of the stunning facts about the Mursi is that they are among the last tribes that still wear traditional clothing and accessories. The skin of the men’s upper arms and torsos is decorated with dotted patterns, which are rubbed with ash to create raised scars. Meanwhile, the women are famous for their wooden lip plates, which are considered a symbol of beauty.

What Is The Most Respected Tribe in Africa?

The Masai are one of the most distinguishable tribes in Africa. One of the most notable things about them is that they have resisted all attempts to be integrated into society despite being close to ‘modern civilization’.

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