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5 Reasons Why Morocco is the Best Country to Retire in Africa

morocco is the best country to retire in africa
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Is it a surprise that Morocco is the best country to retire in Africa? The North African country doesn’t cross a lot of minds but it is the perfect place to be in retirement. Far from misconceptions associated with its culture and traditions as a Muslim-dominated country; it is a paradise on earth.

Interestingly, a lot of foreigners settled down in a nation with an exceptionally varied environment. Morocco features sunny beaches, cold mountains, thick cedar woods, dry deserts, and a low cost of living. Infrastructure is modern, the government is steady, and it’s safe. Besides, there is widespread use of Arabic, Spanish, French, and English.

Why Morocco is the Best Country to Retire in Africa

Morocco is an absolute gem for anyone looking to have a new life in retirement.  There is a lot that the Berber-dominated country offers. Talk of the calm aura and scenery that the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Oceans present; heavenly. Looking further at why Morocco is the best country to retire in Africa, most expats cite the fun experience as the leading reason.

morocco is the best country to retire in africa

A group of expats in Morocco having a good time. Photo/Getty Images

Unlike other African countries, popular Moroccan cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira, Rabat and Tangier charm foreigners into settling here permanently. Pleasant weather and an easy life appeal the most to retirees especially those from the US and Europe where life moves very fast.

Is It a Good Idea to Live in Morocco?

Living and retiring in Morocco is a great idea. With an interest in its five major cities, you will understand in depth why Morocco is the best country to retire in Africa. Here is a review of what each of these cities offers.


Marrakech is a tourist hub owing to its cultural immersion. It oozes a lot of energy, with its bustling medina (old town), breathtaking architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine, which all offer a full cultural immersion.


morocco is the best country to retire in africa

Essaouira city in Morocco. Photo/Morocco

Compared to Marrakech, this quaint seaside city has a more laid-back vibe. Those looking for a slower pace of life and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean love Essaouira more. It has stunning beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and a developing art scene.


Rabat combines historical relevance with contemporary conveniences. This city may be a suitable option for expatriates who value a multicultural setting with convenient access to international businesses and government services.


As the largest Moroccan city and the country’s capital, Casablanca offers a lively commercial community in a contemporary setting. Its appeal is to foreigners looking for a city where they can put their skills and have a taste of Western conveniences.


Tangier city which is at the meeting point of Europe and Africa has a thriving art scene in addition to a distinctive cultural mix. It appeals to expats who are lured to a more bohemian lifestyle and historical relevance. Culture and history are great ways for retirees to spend time as they learn and understand the Berber world.

Is Morocco a Good Place to Live and Work?

Without a doubt, Morocco is an excellent place to live and work. The country’s social, economic and political setting supports quality living. Family makes up Morocco’s social life and most expats learn to live with this.

Secondly, it is a peaceful country despite its very religious and conservative population. Its continuous social, economic, and political reform agenda makes it a desirable option for a large number of foreigners.  Once you provide proof of income to the authorities, you get a residency permit. Beneficiaries of this program describe it as the most efficient process in the country’s administrative section.

What do Most People in Morocco do for a Living?

Most people in Morocco are in the tourism and agriculture sectors. Renewable energy, sports and small microenterprises also provide a living for the people. It is estimated that 39%, of Morocco’s population farm and rear livestock for a living while an equally high number is in the tourism sector. Tourism is a leading foreign exchange earner as at least 10 million tourists visit Morocco each year.


Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, beautiful Essaouira, food and social culture provide retirees with their long-thought-of life after retirement. For those who love a lively lie and sedate lifestyle, different Moroccan cities have it all.

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