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Why Kenya Airways’ Economy Class is the Best in Africa

inside kenya airways economy class
Written by Teresa Mwangi

The World Travel Awards 2023 left many international travellers in awe, most of them wondering what is inside Kenya Airways Economy Class.

Popularly known as KQ – Kenya’s national carrier – the airline won Africa’s Leading Airline Economy Class Service in the World Travel Awards this year. What’s more, is that this is the fifth time Kenya Airways bagged this award. The icing of the cake is that KQ’s dominant Msafiri Magazine also won for the second time in Africa’s leading Inflight Magazine category of the World Travel Awards 2023.

This year’s ceremony went down at the Africa & Indian Ocean World Travel Awards Gala Ceremony in Dubai. So, what is it like what is inside Kenya Airways Economy Class?

Do You Get Free Drinks On Kenya Airways?

You get free drinks on Kenya Airways flights in Economy Class. Be sure to get a drink of choice; soft and alcoholic while in the economy class.  You also get a free welcoming drink if you are on the business class. However, the airline according to its website doesn’t provide any drinks or meals for short flights of not more than 90 minutes.

kenya airways economy class

A meal and drink aboard Kenya Airways Economy Class flight. Photo/YouTube

Nevertheless, KQ provides a comfortable and satisfying in-flight dining experience, tailored to the duration of international flights. For international flights lasting over 1 hour and 30 minutes but under seven hours, passengers can expect a well-thought-out service. Welcome drinks are offered, with the option of champagne available upon request. The in-flight meal service includes hot meals and a selection of beverages.

On longer international flights exceeding 7 hours but under 12 hours, passengers can look forward to an enhanced dining experience. There are two meal services and drink offerings. The in-flight meal service includes hot meals, a variety of drinks, as well as a separate service for nuts and snacks. The timing of a third meal will be determined by the flight’s arrival time.

For ultra-long-haul flights with a duration exceeding 12 hours, the Kenyan national carrier goes the extra mile to ensure passengers are well-nourished and hydrated throughout the journey. There are three meal services, along with drink offerings and snack services. As with other flight durations, welcome drinks and champagne on request add a touch of luxury to the experience.

Does Kenya Airways Serve Food?

There is food inside Kenya Airways Economy Class and Business Class too with meal types varying based on flight duration and time of day. In Economy Class, short-haul flights (up to 2 hours) provide light meals or snacks, while medium-haul flights (2 to 7 hours) feature hot meals. Long-haul flights (over 7 hours) offer two hot meals.

Business Class passengers enjoy a welcome drink, a hot meal, and dessert on all flights, with access to a self-service buffet for snacks and drinks.

The specific food offerings on KQ flights vary according to the route and time, highlighting delicious and authentic African cuisine. Popular Kenyan inflight meals served include the following:

  • Nyama choma (Ugali (grounded and cooked maize flour)
  • Kales,
  • Chapati
  • Mshikaki,
  • Pilau (Spicy rice with meat)
  • Coconut Chicken
  • Fish curry
  • Fruit salad

In addition, you get a variety of desserts like cakes, pastries, and ice cream. Special dietary meals, such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, can be arranged by informing Kenya Airways when booking.

best airlines in Africa 2022

A Kenya Airways plane. [Photo courtesy]

What Food To Carry In Flight?

You can carry food inside Kenya Airways Economy Class although within the allowed parameters. The following are the allowed foods you can carry on board a KQ flight.

  • Dry snacks, such as crackers, cookies, and nuts
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Sandwiches and wraps
  • Home-cooked meals

In this same breath, restricted food on any Kenya Airways flight includes the following:

  • Liquids, such as water, juice, and soda (these must be purchased after security)
  • Gels and creams
  • Food with strong odours
  • Perishable food items, such as meat, fish, and dairy (these must be checked in as baggage)

Therefore; always remember to pack your food in resealable bags for ease of security checks.


The Word Travel Awards 2023 cast light on what impresses on inside Kenya Airways Economy Class. Comfort plays a huge role in all this and foods and drinks are integral parts of air travel. Meals served amplify the Kenyan culture which is intriguing to masses across the world.


  1. Does Kenya Airways have TVS?

Each seat has a personal seat-back TV screen, a generous amount of recline, and an adjustable headrest.

  1. Does Kenya Airways provide headphones?

You get a free pair of headphones in economy class collected by the team prior to your arrival. You can also use your own headphones on any KQ aircraft in any seat class as long as they are not wireless (Bluetooth) headphones.

  1. What is not allowed on Kenya Airways?

Weapons of any kind are not allowed on KQ flights.

  1. How many bags can you take on Kenya Airways?

KQ allows passengers in the Economy Class to carry two bags of up to 23kg/50lbs each.

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