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Best Lodge to Stay When Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro Via Marangu

marangu summit lodge
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If you are going to climb to the highest peak of Africa, you might as well do it in style; and nothing crumples your style like a poor hotel/lodge choice. Your first priority when planning your trip to Mt Kilimanjaro must be where to stay!  Your choice of lodging determines your entire experience and that is where The Marangu Summit Lodge comes in.

It is a stylish lodge that you cannot have enough of because it is amazingly laid back. Most mountain climbers always say that the lodge is a huge part of their climbing spectacle in Mt Kilimanjaro.

Where is The Marangu Summit Lodge?

First and foremost, it is located right on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and is perched right along the road on your way up the mountain. It is literally just a kilometre from the very gate of the Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA) and only an hour and a half from the airport.

For climbers, the proximity of the lodge to the mountain accustoms you to the weather and altitude before starting your climb up the mountain along the famous and most favoured Marangu route.

Why is The Marangu Summit Lodge Popular?

marangu summit lodge

Mt Kilimanjaro peak. Photo/Africa Kenya Safaris

Remember, your safari adventure up the mountain is only as good as where you stay before and after your climb. The Marangu Summit Lodge provides world-class standard service. From the ergonometric architecture of the lodge itself and its cottages whose design mimics the scenery of the mountain, to the personalized service with a smile that its professional staff offer.

Though you will be staying away from all the commission of the modern world this lodge provides free wifi to keep you on tabs with what’s happening in the world. It also gives you the option to check out the news on Satellite TV.

Further, the Marangu Summit Lodge provides 24-hour security service, free parking, and a very romantic and sweet aroma-filled garden known as the Red Rose Garden. Before you leave to re-enter the modern world after your rejuvenating and relaxing stay here, you might just opt to visit the lodge’s Curio Shop. You will also be happy to know, the lodge provides shuttle services to and from the airport. Now that is how to climb Kilimanjaro in style.

Can I Stay at Marangu Summit Lodge?

If you are not looking to climb the mountain all the way to Uhuru Peak worry not. Making it to the Lodge earns you the bragging rights of having climbed Kilimanjaro. This is because this establishment is just shy of 6 047ft, the altitude at the Marangu Gate into KINAPA.

Despite not climbing to the peak of the mountain, there are numerous activities and adventures Marangu Summit Lodge brings forth. One of them is the breathtaking view all around you. At this altitude, you can see miles and miles around all the way down to the Serengeti plains below.

The location is quite ideal for taking mountain photography, and going on trekking adventures through the forest. The area offers magnificent bird viewing options and a cluster of caves all around the deep mountain crevasses.

Going down into the valleys means yet another adventure; waterfalls. There are numerous waterfalls of different sizes and magnitudes to quench your thirst for exploration. In addition, you get the memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience of meeting the Kilimanjaro Mountain indigenous people, who are the Marangu.

Where Do The Marangu People Live?

stunning facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain

Mt Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak. [Photo courtesy]

The Marangu people are hospitable and kind. Being at the Marangu Summit Lodge gives you an opportunity to partake in cooking their traditional dishes, taste fresh bananas, visit coffee plantations and much more. It is a cultural tour you cannot afford to miss!

In addition, you can head out on a day tour to the local open-air market, visit the local schools and businesses pay tribute to a children’s orphanage or even walk down history’s lane by stopping at the very first Roman Catholic Church to be built in the area pre-independence. The market, church, food and forests give you a distinct taste of what life is like for the Marangu people. They add to the beauty of The Marangu Summit Lodge.


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is always a dream come true for many nature lovers and the presence of the lodge along this climbing route spruces up the adventure. It gives you a place to rest and enjoy the Tanzanian culture in a beautiful way.


1. What is the official summit of Kilimanjaro?

The highest official summit of Kilimanjaro is Uhuru Peak.

  1. How high is the summit of Kilimanjaro?

Uhuru Point is the highest summit of Mt Kilimanjaro standing at 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) above sea level.

  1. What are the 3 peaks of Kilimanjaro?

They are the following from the highest to the lowest; Kibo Peak, Mwenzi Peak and Shira Peak.

  1. What is the hardest route to climb Kilimanjaro?

The Umbwe route is the most difficult due to its steepness and quick-changing altitude.

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