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What Bookies Have Better Terms for Cricket Staking?

cricket staking
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Staking on cricket is quite popular in South Africa, as many locals are fans of the sport. It’s interesting to note that only Soccer has a larger fan base than cricket in the country. Also, sports fans find it difficult to choose a cricket betting site because of the variety of options available in the country.

Our audience should carefully understand the terms and conditions of each website before making bets on cricket or football. After assessing ten South African betting sites, we found three that provide good cricket betting terms. This article investigates various cricket sportsbooks and discusses our selection process.


When it comes to cricket betting, this is the right place to be, as they not only offer boosters for soccer betting but also do the same for bets on cricket games. They also offer high odds on live bets and pre-match bets on cricket games, covering not just a few tournaments but going as far as having odds on the ICC World Cup, T20 World Cup, IPL, and many other local leagues and international games. 

cricket staking

A cricket game. Photo/Michael Weir/Unsplash

Licenced by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board and protected by SSL encryption technology, Gbet offers bookies a safe platform where they can easily place bets on various games without fear of being hacked or their games being manipulated. A free sign-up bonus of R25 is given to new users, which they can use to place bets on cricket games.


After going through bet365, one can say this is a really good site for cricket lovers as it has a dedicated section for cricket games with highly competitive games ranging from events such as ICC, T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, WPL, ODIs, and many other international and local leagues. They have popular betting options such as team top batter, team top bowler, player of the match, total match runs, and many other amazing features.

World Sports Betting

One beauty about this site that so many of you may not know is the fact that it’s one of those betting sites with birthday bonuses. Wagering on cricket games is made easy with the help of a well-designed and user-friendly platform. Users are allowed to take part in not just pre-match selections but they can also bet on live games. WSB provides very high competitive odds across various leagues, such as the T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, and various local and international leagues. 

Types of Cricket Bets Allowed at South African Bookmakers

Money line

This is one of the most straightforward options in betting, as it has to do with wagering between the two teams to win or lose.

2-way bets

In this form of betting, you wager on the home team to win or the away team to lose. The option of a draw is considered a loss.

3-way bets

In this case, either the home team wins, the away team wins, or the game should end in a tie. This is one of the most comfortable ways to bet.

Session runs

This has to do with betting on the number of runs scored by a team in a specific session of play in a match.

cricket staking

A cricket player. Photo/

Series score

To be a winner, all you have to do is predict the final total rating after the end of a series. Those with the closest guess are also credited.

Handicap betting

The score is artificially adjusted in favour of a particular team, or even the chances of both teams, this adjustment is usually shown in a bracket ahead of the odds.

Top team batsman

It is also known as over/under totals; users are to predict if the total runs by a team will be over a certain number or below a certain number.

Other Factors to Consider When Picking a Good Cricket Betting Site

Whenever you wish to venture into cricket betting, and you are in search of a good betting site, keep these factors in mind when selecting a site;

  • Availability of a wide range of markets for cricket events
  • Licences and Security
  • Good banking system
  • Reliable customer service
  • Adequate bonus  
  • Availability of high competitive odds


Sportsbooks that provide conditions for African cricket enthusiasts add an extra thrill to the game. Although determining the choice among available bookmakers proved challenging, we have suggested three sportsbooks that offer more favourable terms for Cricket. You can try out these bookmakers to see for yourself how easygoing and welcoming they can be.

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