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5 Best Island Villas in Zanzibar 2024 to Spend the Easter Holiday

Best island villas in Zanzibar 2024.
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Easter holiday is here and the best island villas in Zanzibar 2024 guarantee you a weekend like no other. It’s time to leave behind the bustle and hustle of your everyday life and head to Zanzibar for an unforgettable weekend. The archipelago welcomes you with open arms as you start your journey of exploring truly beautiful beaches, rich culture and exotic history.

There’s plenty to do here, from jet-skiing, snorkelling, windsurfing and diving to simply staring at the deep, brilliant blue Indian Ocean. But to have all the fun in Zanzibar, your choice of accommodation should be of the highest quality. As a result, we have decided to ensure your Easter holiday goes as smooth as you wanted by spoiling you with top-notch accommodation options. Without further ado, here are the best island villas in Zanzibar 2024 to choose from:

1. Villa Bluu 

Villa Bluu is a luxury beach villa in Zanzibar located in an ideal place with access to several famous attractions such as Jozani Forest, Butterfly Center, Paje, Jambiani and Bwejuu beaches.

The Villa has two indoor lounges where you can relax, read and soak in the view, an entertainment room where you can play pool, and a sunlounger to just chill while reading or enjoying the beautiful view. Also, there is a restaurant and you’re guaranteed full-time services of chefs, waiters and cleaners.

Villa Bluu

Villa Bluu. Photo/

2. Garden Beach Villa Zanzibar 

A few villas in Zanzibar offer luxury like Garden Beach Villa Zanzibar. This secluded spot in paradise is designed to take full advantage of the warm sunshine and the sea breezes. It has facilities which make you feel at home such as the sprawling gardens and a seafront where you can relax with your family and get to enjoy the stunning views.

If you’re probably wondering what you’ll eat then worry no more because delicious meals are prepared here by the best chefs. Garden Beach Villa Zanzibar is one of the best island villas in Zanzibar 2024 to spend the Easter holiday.

3. Villa Nyota 

Villa Nyota, which is Swahili for Stars, is an ideal villa in Zanzibar promising a memorable stay during your holiday. It features a rooftop pool and a private pool where you can spend the day swimming as well as first floor bedroom and second floor bedroom. Each bedroom at the villa features a private balcony with ocean views but the second floor bedroom should be your choice because it has private access to a rooftop pool. What a dream holiday accommodation Villa Nyota is.

Villa Nyota

Villa Nyota is one of the best island villas in Zanzibar 2024. Photo/ Xanadu Villas.

4. Kena Beach Villas 

Tucked away in the village of Marumbi on Zanzibar’s East Coast, Kena Beach Villas is a fantastic holiday accommodation that features two villas, a private pool and seaview ensuite bedrooms. This peaceful getaway also has free parking, WiFi and an organic farm. Each room has a private balcony where you can just relax and enjoy the sun in the morning.

5. Villa Hibiscus  

One of the best island villas in Zanzibar 2024, Villa Hibiscus gives you that holiday feeling you need. The views are outstanding and pleasant decor will meet you from the entrance all the way to your room. The villa is large enough to accommodate up to nine guests and has four bathrooms, so this would be an ideal choice if you want to bring along your children and give them a treat they’ll remember for a long time.

Villa Hibiscus

Villa Hibiscus. Photo/

Which Is the Best Island to Stay in Zanzibar? 

The best islands in Zanzibar for a vacation are:

  • Unguja Island
  • Mnemba Island
  • Changuu Island
  • Chumbe Island
  • Bawe Island
  • Kwale Island
  • Nakupenda Sandbank

What Is the Most Beautiful Part of Zanzibar? 

Paje Beach, which is located on the southeast coast of Zanzibar has everything you’ll need in a beautiful Zanzibar beach. Here you’ll find palm trees swinging in the breeze, huge expanses of white sand, blue waters, and spectacular sunsets.

Which Side of Zanzibar Is Best?

The further north you go in Zanzibar the more private and less crowded the beaches are. The Zanzibar North Coast is one of the best places to go because of the privacy and the fact that it’s least affected by tidal range.

Where Is the Best Holiday Location in Zanzibar? 

  • Pongwe Beach
  • Kendwa Beach
  • Bwejuu Beach
  • Michamvi Beach
  • Kizimkazi Beach
  • Matemwe Beach
  • Nakupenda Beach
  • Jambiani Beach

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