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Japanese Restaurants with the Best Sushi in Kenya

Sushi in Kenya
Written by Jesca

Restaurants specialising in sushi in Kenya are spreading all over the country. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy sushi. 

A traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi consists of rice prepared with vinegar and then seasoned with sugar and salt. It is then topped with a range of items, including seafood, served raw, as well as vegetables.

The “sushi rice,” is also popular as shari or sumeshi.

Why Kenyans Love Sushi

This is because Kenyans enjoy and have discovered the health benefits of Japanese food such as sushi. It is no wonder Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world.

According to various sources, the average life expectancy of Japanese women is 83.7 years and 80.5 for men. Traditional Japanese foods such as sushi are ‌fresh and unprocessed. Sushi is low in fat, and brings good effects to the Japanese long-living lives.. well, who wouldn’t love to live that long?

Are there any Sushi Restaurants in Kenya?

Sushi restaurants in Kenya without a doubt are some of the best-managed restaurants. 

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Nairobi.

Kai Japanese restaurant 

Kai is a Japanese Sushi Bar that delivers exquisite sushi in Kenya. The sushi bar at Kai serves high quality sustainably sourced food. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients from suppliers for safe, healthy, and delicious meals. 

They work with local fishers for quality and fresh fish, which makes it a great spot for delicious sushi in Kenya.

Sushi Soo

Sushi Soo

Delicious sushi in Kenya at Sushi Soo. [Photo Uber Eats

For Delicious sushi in Kenya and a laid-back atmosphere, Sushi Soo is the place for you. Besides sushi, this Japanese restaurant offers Japanese tempura, Korean soup and rice, seafood rolls, meat rolls, and many more Japanese dishes.

Hero Restaurant

Hero Restaurant is a hidden sushi gem in Kenya and has amassed a devoted following of Japanese food lovers.  Like many Japanese restaurants in Kenya, its menu features delicious sushi and other Japanese and Asian cuisine.

The mission of Hero is to serve delicious food such as sushi, presented with theatre and whimsy, in a setting created by a team of professionals with great smiles. Hero restaurant is a superhero-themed. It uses its space and delicious food to celebrate heroes from comics and local communities. The small plates at Hero restaurant draw impact from the idea of the superhero and their superpowers.

Haru Restaurant

Haru Restaurant is another top-rated sushi restaurant in Kenya. For excellently prepared sushi and an exciting live cooking show, Hari restaurant is the place to be.

Japanese food doesn’t hide behind sauces or flavours. Good Japanese food has to be fresh and well presented. That’s why Haru restaurant sources the fish from the Kenyan coast and all vegetables come from local suppliers.

Furusato Japanese Restaurant

Furusato Japanese restaurant offers exceptional services and serves authentic sushi in Kenya. Everything it entails from the environment to the services provided is amazing. You will enjoy excellent customer service, and you will feel like staying for longer than expected. The staff are friendly and are always around to give you an unforgettable Japanese experience.

Furusato Restaurant in Nairobi Westlands is a good Japanese restaurant that serves the freshest Japanese food in Kenya.

Misono Japanese Restaurant

Located at The Green House, Off Ngong Road, Misono is a favourite sushi joint. This stylish restaurant also offers other authentic Japanese foods such as Tempura and Teppanyaki.

Chiq Japanese Restaurant

Located at the New Muthaiga Shopping Mall, Chiq Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese restaurant. It is a casual-chic dining space perfect for a long lunch indulging on their popular sushi platter.

The restaurant now operates out of two more establishments, one out of Sarit centre and at the Hub in Karen. The founder has committed Chiq to create happiness on a plate for not only their customers but also the staff. 

Chiq restaurant is popular for their Chiq set; a very popular sushi platter where you can enjoy five types of‌ sushi at the same time: California roll, nigiri, gunkan, cucumber roll, and vegetarian roll at a fair price.

Inti A Nikkei

Inti A Nikkei

Sushi in Kenya at Inti A Nikkei. Photo [Eat Out]

Inti A Nikkei, the first Nikkei restaurant in Africa, is located on the 21st Floor, One Africa Place is another Sushi Haven in Kenya. Their menu centers on the finest Nikkei cuisine-Peurivian ingredients moulded by Japanese techniques.

Apart from amazing meals, the restaurant is in a unique contemporary urban environment that offers a spectacular view of the city thanks to it being on the 20th floor. Their grand and modern décor also makes them one of the most talked-about Japanese restaurants in Kenya.

But be warned, there is a dress code to follow and you have to book in advance to guarantee a table.

Chekafe restaurant

Chekafe restaurant is an open-air style restaurant in Kenya, owned by a Japanese chef who has years of experience. Chekafe is the best sushi place in Nairobi. its menu includes homemade noodles and dumpling skin and impressive sushi. 

Tokyo Restaurant

Tokyo Restaurant is a Japanese/Korean restaurant that serves sushi in Kenya. The restaurant has over 10 years of experience serving authentic Japanese cuisines in Kenya. their founder and head chef, Mr. Shin, is one of the few licensed chefs in Japanese food in Kenya.

 Shokudo Japanese Café

At Shokudo Nairobi, you can enjoy a variety of Japanese favourites like donburi, ramen, curry, sushi, and Japanese desserts. Shokudo Nairobi brings you to the casual café, where you can relax and enjoy sushi in Kenya. 

As you can see, there are plenty of Japanese restaurants where you can enjoy sushi in Kenya. Try out any of the restaurants above for serious and authentic Japanese food in Kenya.

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