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6 Airbnb Tips to Save Money During the Holidays

Airbnb tips
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What are some of the Airbnb tips to save money? Long gone are the days when choosing a hotel to spend a night during a vacation was the only option. Nowadays, many travelers prefer staying in a vacation rental property to enjoy the extra space and cook their own meals.

Providing travellers with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a neighbourhood and live like locals, Airbnb is your actual home away from home. But being the holiday season, many people find themselves overspending while booking Airbnb properties. So, we decided to bring you 6 useful Airbnb tips to save money during the holidays.

1. Book Your Airbnb in Advance

Like with any sort of travel, whether you are trying to find a cheap flight or cheap lodging, timing has always proven to be crucial. This tip may seem obvious for many travellers but timing your Airbnb bookings can make a big difference in the cost of your trip.


Booking early can really help you save money on Airbnb. Photo/ Own It Kenya.

Booking early will not only help you get decent prices but will also be crucial in finding the right place for your needs. We advise you book several months in advance to be sure of discounts.

2. Rent Directly Though Property Owners 

Booking an Airbnb through the owner is one of the Airbnb tips to save money. If you book an Airbnb directly through an owner rather than a property management company, there are chances that you can avoid the mark-ups charged by the middleman.

3. Negotiate With Your Host

One of the good things about Airbnb is that you can chat with your host before booking. Well, this is a perfect opportunity to negotiate about the charges and if you’re lucky enough, the owner might offer you some discount during your stay.

A discounted stay is more appealing to a host that empty lodgings, especially during the holidays like now, so try your luck by negotiating. However, it’s good to note that this approach might not work with every host.

4. Stay Longer 

Did we just say stay longer yet we are talking about Airbnb tips to save money? Well, this might seem a bit crazy but extending your trip by a few nights might actually help save money. A good number of Airbnb owners tend to offer some form of discount for an extended stay, whether its weekly or monthly stays.

Airbnb tips to save money

You can save money on Airbnb by staying longer. Photo/

According to our research on the internet, we have found that many Airbnb properties offer anywhere from 10%-30% off depending on how long you want to stay.

5. Book Recently Added Properties 

Since many people are terrified of booking newly added properties without reviews, Airbnb hosts tends to offer special discounts to offset the fears. After the property starts getting positive reviews, the owner often removes the discount. So, if you notice a recently added property, be one of the first guests and enjoy the discounts while they last.

Transparency is key with any booking, so make sure get a good feel of the new place before deciding to book. If you happen to be in the area beforehand, you can ask the host to allow you see the property. This is not only one of the Airbnb tips to save money but also a good way to avoid scammers.

7. Book Properties Away From Tourist Attractions 

Since its the festive season, popular tourist attractions around the country have a large number of visitors. As a result, the demand for where to stay is high and Airbnb owners are using the opportunity to hike prices. So, it’s advisable you book far away from tourist hotspots if you want to avoid being exploited this festive season. The farther off the beaten path, the greater your savings likely will be.

Airbnb tips

Places that are farther from the tourist hotspots tend to be cheaper. Photo/ Trip101.

How Do I Succeed on Airbnb?

If you’re considering renting out your apartment, residence or property on Airbnb, here are some tips that could help you succeed in the business:

  • Take photographs that capture the character of the place
  • Pay attention to notifications and be ready to respond to them at any given moment
  • Create a good first impression after getting a client
  • Charge reasonable prices
  • Be aware of the specific laws about Airbnb in your city/town to operate smoothly
  • Clean the property yourself to cut costs rather than paying for a cleaning service

How to Make More Money With Airbnb?

If you want to make money with Airbnb, keep your price competitive and provide a unique guest experience. Think about the amenities that your guests don’t provide and offer them to your clients. However, note that it takes quite some time and effort if you want to make money with Airbnb.

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