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A guide on what to wear in North Africa

A guide on what to wear in North Africa
Written by See Africa Today

Flowing robes, dresses a turban, sandals are common wear in Morocco and other top destinations in North Africa.

One main challenge for visitors planning for a trip to Morocco is the confusion of what to include in their packing list, especially outfits given that North African countries are pretty much conservative. However, Its is possible for one to be stylish and respectful of their culture. This article explores what you should include in your packing list to Morocco or any other North African country.


Morocco is largely a desert country and temperatures are high all year round, therefore, the need to have open-toed shoes cannot be underscored. While indoors, flip-flops will do and sandals are good for outdoor. The best and recommended sandals to buy are Birkenstock Sandals as they are very comfortable.

Long but loose trousers

To blend in with the culture here, it is advisable to wear long loose trousers. They also help in regulating temperature.


Made of light cotton, they are ideal for travelling over long distances. They wade off the heat easily.


Evenings in this part of Africa can get chilly and a pair of jeans to don in the evening is the perfect choice to staying warm.

Maxi skirts

A maxi dress or skirt are perfect and reveal less skin. Their loose design makes them airy and trendy too more so during the summer.


They are the perfect wear if you are on the seaside or swimming pool area in Morocco.

T-shirts long-sleeved blouses and tops

A combination of these is a great fashion idea while in North Africa. It shields your skin from too much direct sun but at the same time keeps you decent and comfortable throughout.

A hat

A trip to Morocco or North Africa at large would not be complete without a hat over your head. They are protective from the scorching sun during summer.


Needless to say, protection from UV radiation is paramount. With temperatures as high as 30 °C sunscreen is a must-have for any trip to North Africa.

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