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A tour to the world’s Largest Desert Lake -The Jade Sea

A tour to the world's Largest Desert Lake -The Jade Sea
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Of the least visited places is Kenya’s Lake Turkana but it is a real gem in the travel and tourism world. It is the largest desert lake in the world.

Lake Turkana is a sight to behold as the lake gives life to the otherwise arid region inhabited by the Turkana people. The greenish-blue colour of the lake is a trademark which has earned it the name “The Jade Sea”.

 The ecosystem around the 300km long and 50 km wide lake makes it the largest alkaline lake in the world and a safari to Lake Turkana is delightful. Fishing is a major activity propelled by the desert winds.  It is delightful to go on a fishing sport in wooden boats in what is famously known as the ‘Jade Sea Expedition’.

The expedition, depending on how strong the wind is blowing, can either be on the mainland or in the deep sea.

National parks in Lake Turkana; Sibiloi National Park, South Island and Central Island National Parks are a wonder to behold as they exist in the middle of a desert. Sibiloi National Park is described as the “Cradle of Mankind” due to its rich prehistoric sites covered by stark forests.

South Island National Park is a volcanic island that is home to 34 species of birds that are believed to have migrated from Europe such as Goliath heron, and African skimmer, and African open-billed stork. The largest bird of prey, the swallow-tailed kite is common here. Besides, the park has the largest concentration of crocodiles in the world.

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