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Where to have the Namibian World-Famous Beer

Where to have the Namibian World-Famous Beer
Written by See Africa Today

Hardly will an event go down in Namibia without crowning it with some fine traditional beer. This is part of Namibia’s culture that has been embraced by Namibians leading to the emergence of several beer companies. Windhoek is the most common beer sold across all bars in the country.

It comes in three variants: Windhoek Lager, Windhoek Light, Windhoek Draught. Other popular beer brands are Tafel Lager and Carling Black Label, a Canadian brew.

However, should you find yourself in this great country, these are the joints to get some these Namibian beer.

Cardboard Box

Have you ever been to a place that has a great reputation for its services? Well, Cardboard Box reputation suits backpackers. It is a place for travellers. The serenity is unrivalled and Windhoek Lager and Tafel Lager are in huge stock.

Joe’s Beerhouse

For any type of beer, local or foreign, be sure to grab it at Joe’s Beerhouse which is a family-like resort. The German cuisine prepared here goes well with the beer.

Warehouse Theatre Boiler Room

Beer prices are cheapest during the happy hour at the Warehouse Theatre Boiler Room which greatly celebrates Namibian culture. Live musical performances, light meals and pizza are available.

Bix car wash

It is an open barbecue yard with a not so cosy pub but you are assured of an ice-cold Windhoek lager at any time of the day. Here you will see luxurious cars from all over the world.

You can never miss this experience!

Evelyn Street

Just like major cities across the worked with shops dotting either side of the street, Evelyn Street in Windhoek is lined up with bars (shebeens), the difference being their size and standards. Local beer and brews are available in this street whose nightlife is to be envied.

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