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Kanye West to Perform in Kenya This December

Kanye West to perform in Kenya
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Popular American rapper and music icon Kanye West to perform in Kenya at the end of this year, according to his schedule. Also known as Ye, Kanye took to social media to share screenshots of a text conversation detailing proposed tour routes during his 2024-25 global tour.

The renowned rapper is set to perform in over 30 locations inside and outside the United States of America, with Kenya happening to be one of them. According to the proposed schedule, Kanye’s tour is expected to kick off in Canada in June, followed by performances in the US which will culminate in Mexico.

From there, he will perform in several other countries in Europe and Africa before concluding the tour in Japan early next year. The screenshot of Kanye’s tour was shared as a conversation seeking more venues for the planned global tour.

When Will Kanye West Perform in Kenya?

Kanye West

American rapper Kanye West to perform in Kenya at the end of this year. Photo/ People.

Kanye West is set to ignite the stage in Kenya on 7 December 2024 at Nyayo National Stadium. The prospect of seeing a global star such as Ye perform in Kenya has excited many Kenyans, with some already speculating about the ticket prices.

This Kenyan leg of the tour, dubbed “Donda Africa”, marks a significant moment for the East African country as Ye’s visit could have a broader impact. Apart from shining the lights on Kenyan talents and raising hopes for potential collaborations, the tour could see Kenyan tourism industry get more revenue as many people from neighbouring countries will visit Kenya during that period.

Kenya has a lot to offer tourists, from stunning beaches and iconic landmarks such as Mount Kenya to internationally significant habitats where wildlife roam freely, including the Big Five.

How Much Would It Cost For Kanye West to Perform in Kenya?

The screenshot showing Kanye West to perform in Kenya this December has sent shockwaves across the country, with many already adding the concert to their bucket list. But how much would it cost to host a Kanye West event in Kenya?

According to our research on the internet, we found that hosting a Kanye West concert requires a minimum of $8 million, which is Ksh 1.28 billion as per the current exchange rates. This was a figure quoted by the American rapper back in 2022 where he said his booking fee was $1 million, which is Ksh 160.5 million.

Kanye West

Kanye West. Photo/ Rolling Stone.

Ye, who has been in the headlines for controversial reasons over the past few years, previously walked away from a Coachella Music Festival, turning down an estimated payout of $1.28 million.

Because Kenya’s economy is currently on a drip and unstable, Kenyan organizers who will be in charge of ensuring that Kanye West performs in Nairobi this December as planned might have a difficult task. You can do the math from the amount Ye charges per concert and estimate the ticket prices come December when he will be performing at Nyayo Stadium.

Which Other African Countries Will Kanye West Be Touring? 

As already mentioned, Ye’s tour will start in Canada and then spread across the globe. In Africa, we expect Kanye West to perform in Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt. While it would be the first time that the renowned rapper will be touring Kenya, it will be the second time he is performing in Nigeria

The Chicago-based rapper previously performed in Lagos, which is the commercial capital of Nigeria and the economic hub of West Africa, in 2007. He was at the time part of the global singers who performed at the Mega Star Jam. In 2011, he signed prominent Nigerian singer D’Banj to his label GOOD Music. 

Following the African segment, Kanye will continue his global tour, making appearances in Australia in January 2025 and concluding the journey in Japan in February.

Kanye West

Kanye West’s tour will start in Toronto, Canada on June 22, 2024, and continue across the United States of America until August, when it will move to Mexico. Photo/ Billboard.

The Grammy-winning rapper and his team are expecting significant success from the 2024-25 tour, with earnings from the American leg being projected at $16 million (Ksh 2.6 billion). Kanye is set to perform 16 shows in the United States of America and 16 other shows outside the USA.

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