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Nigerian and Kenyan Celebrities Lavish Gifts to Their Lovers

nigerian and kenyan celebrities lavish gifts
Written by Teresa Mwangi

The world of African entertainment frequently lights up with stories of how Nigerian and Kenyan celebrities lavish gifts to their partners.  These gestures not only signify love and appreciation but often set social media abuzz with discussions about the opulence, luck, smart thinking among many other things.

Let’s delve into some of the most lavish gifts that have made headlines in Nigeria and Kenya, celebrating love in grand style.

Nigerian and Kenyan Celebrities Lavish Gifts

Celebrities from Kenya and Nigeria are no strangers to the spotlight, often making headlines not just for their talent but for their grand romantic gestures as well. Lavish gifts are a common trend among these public figures. Many people see them as symbols of love, appreciation, and sometimes, the status that comes with celebrity status.

From high-end vehicles to luxurious properties, they illustrate the culture of celebrity gifting in Kenya and Nigeria. They highlight not just the financial ability but also the desire to publicly express love and appreciation. Such acts of generosity become a part of their public persona, discussed and admired by fans and the media alike.

Here’s a look at some of the most extravagant Nigerian and Kenyan celebrities lavish gifts showcasing their love in grandiose fashion.

Davido’s Porsche Cayenne Gift to Chioma

nigerian and kenyan celebrities lavish gifts

Davido and Chioma. Photo/Just Naija

Nigerian music superstar Davido surprised his girlfriend, Chioma with a Porsche Cayenne worth N45 million. This grand gesture was complemented by a custom license plate bearing the word “Assurance,” making headlines and stirring conversations nationwide about this display of love​​.

AY Makun Lexus Gift for His Wife

nigerian and kenyan celebrities lavish gifts

AY Makun gifts his wife Mabel Makun a brand new Lexus 570. Photo/Nairaland

Comedian AY Makun has been generous with his gifts, surprising his wife, Mabel, with a Lexus LX570 as a 10th wedding anniversary gift. The luxury vehicle, alongside a previous gift of a 2012 Acura-ZDX, showcases AY’s dedication to celebrating his marriage in a lavish manner​​​​.

Femi Gbajabiamila’s Benz G-Wagon Surprise

Femi Gbajabiamila, the Speaker of Nigeria’s 9th House of Representatives, made waves by gifting his wife a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for her 50th birthday. This luxury SUV, estimated to cost around N75 million. While his position in the Nigerian civil service comes with hefty perks, he exemplified what love is and should feel like​.

What Do Kenyan Celebrities Gift?

Nigerian and Kenyan celebrities lavish gifts often leave many people in surprise. The generosity and affection is such an enviable thing. So, who among these celebrities gifted their partner an expensive gift?

Simon Kabu Range Rover Gift to Sarah Kabu

Simon Kabu surprised his wife, Sarah Kabu, with a Range Rover Sport for her 39th birthday. This gift, worth approximately KSh 15 million, was a dream come true for Sarah and highlighted the lavish lifestyle the Kabus enjoy​​. The Kabus enjoy a cult-like following in Kenya and abroad due to their humble beginnings.

They met while in at the University and built a multi-million-shilling tours and travel firm, Bonfire Adventures from a mere inkling for travel. Sarah and Kabu went against odds to become a household name in this sector and they never forget where they came from.

Bahati and Diana Marua’s Series of Luxury Cars

nigerian and kenyan celebrities lavish gifts

Bahati, a Kenyan music star, has repeatedly gifted his wife, Diana Marua, luxury cars, including a Mercedes Benz and a Range Rover. Both of these cars are of the highest trims in their class and they cost an arm and leg. These gifts, often presented during anniversaries and special occasions, are emblematic of their high-profile relationship​​​​.

Jalang’o’s Love on Wheels

Jalang’o, a celebrated Kenyan comedian and radio host, reciprocated his wife Amina’s gesture by gifting her a Range Rover. This was in response to the Mercedes Benz SLK Class she had given him, showcasing their mutual appreciation through luxurious gifts​​.

These stories from Nigerian and Kenyan celebrities reflect not just the wealth and success they’ve achieved but also their desire to express love and appreciation in the most grandiose ways possible. Whether it’s luxury cars, lavish parties, or extravagant vacations, these stars go above and beyond to make their partners feel cherished and celebrated.

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