10 Affordable Countries to Live in Africa from US, Europe

Affordable Countries to Live in Africa
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For years, immigration to European countries was and still is popular but the existence of affordable countries to live in Africa is changing all this.

Africa remains unparalleled in terms of the quality of life it provides. Unlike the west where life glitters a lot but requires so much from immigrants, this continent is different. Nevertheless, not all African countries are comparable to European states in terms of chances and conveniences, but they do have lower living costs.

While Africa has its challenges that are unique from the rest of the world, it has immense development potential. There’s something special about it in every sector, much more the tourism front.

True to it, American-born wanderlust Christina Jane chose to live in Ghana, miles away from her Florida home. In 2021, American star Dave Chappelle announced his intent to relocate permanently to Ghana. These two African-Americans represent a bigger number of people from the West tapping on affordable countries to live in Africa.

These are the top 10 cheapest countries to live in Africa in descending order.

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Affordable Countries to Live in Africa

Tunisia. Photo/Chemonical International

Tunisia is a tiny but stunning country on the Mediterranean. The cost of living here is one of the lowest in the world, and it ranks fifth in all of Africa. The Human Development Index (HDI) for the 11 million people that call Tunisia home is 25.43.

Life here is 94 times cheaper than the populous New York due to the low cost of food and housing.


Is Egypt in Africa

Is Egypt in Africa? Egyptian blondes posing for a photo at Giza Pyramids. Photo/Khaled DESOUKI/ AFP

Because of its high volume of visitors, Egypt may not seem like a budget-friendly option. But it’s among affordable countries to live in Africa. Travelers interested in both adventure and ancient civilizations will find Egypt an ideal destination.

It boasts stunning landscapes and historic structures, including temples and tombs that are among the most impressive in the world. The Human Development Index (HDI) for this country in Northern Africa is 29.09.

Real estate investment options are gaining popularity as well as the region’s low cost of living. The real estate market in Egypt has responded positively. However, compared to other big African cities, houses are inexpensive.


Located in North Africa, Algeria is the largest country in all of Africa and the tenth largest in the globe. The dates grown in this country are the best in the world.

Algeria has the third-lowest living costs. The CADI for it is 30.54. In the last 20 years, poverty in Algeria has decreased by 20%, making it one of only a handful of countries to do so. Algeria’s government took major initiatives to boost the country’s citizens’ standard of living by enacting social policies in line with the SDGs set forth by the United Nations.

The oil boom allowed the government to pay off Algeria’s foreign debt, fund much-needed infrastructure projects, and boost the country’s HDI score. In addition, all of the country’s citizens have access to free medical treatment.


Affordable Countries to Live in Africa

Kampala. Photo/Discover Africa

The tiny nation in central Africa is “the gem of Africa” – super among affordable countries to live in Africa. The abundance of water along its borders inspired the name of this country.

Despite its attractiveness, the country is among the most economically advantageous in the continent. With a CDI of 31.72, this country is the fourth-cheapest in all of Africa.


Nigeria has the greatest economy and second-highest GDP in Africa, and yet it ranks fifth-lowest in cost of living on the continent. It’s true that areas of Lagos and Abuja are the traditional hangouts of the country’s affluent.

But the remainder of Nigeria’s cities are much more affordable. Due to the high number of people living in extreme poverty, the government reduced the cost of many necessities. With a CDI of 31.75, Nigeria is among the world’s cheapest countries to call home.


Rwanda named emerging destination to watch in 2020

KIgali, Rwanda . [Photo by bookingcom]

Rwanda’s rapid economic development rightfully earns its moniker “Singapore of Africa.” With a CDI of 34.01, the east African country boasts the sixth-lowest cost of living on the continent. The tiny nation’s economy is expanding at a rate of 8.7 percent, making it the fastest growing in Africa and the second fastest in the world.


Everyone knows Morocco as a place with a high quality of life and low prices. Cost of living in Morocco is estimated at 34.59, making it one of the affordable countries to live in Africa.

One of Africa’s wealthiest nations, with some of the continent’s most breathtaking landscapes, Morocco is easygoing, and charms with its natural beauty. Food is typically inexpensive, but other necessities, such as lodging, transportation, and utilities, can vary greatly from one place to the next.


Tanzania is the eighth least expensive country in Africa with a CDI of 35.07. Dar es Salaam, the country’s capital has a higher cost of living than the rest of Tanzania. In spite of this, Tanzania is still, on the whole, an inexpensive destination. The average cost of living in the country may be between and $700 per month to $1800.


Zambia is the ninth-cheapest African country to live in. It has a CDI of 35.59, and this it’s one of the most beautiful, friendly, diverse, and unspoiled in all of Africa.

The cost of living is higher than in some of the country’s neighbors, yet it is still among the lowest in the world. Zambia is landlocked, thus it must import nearly all of its consumer goods, driving up the prices for locals.

Depending on one’s family size and way of life, the average annual cost of living in the country ranges from $600 to $1200.


Nairobi National Park. Places to visit Nairobi on a weekend alone. Photo/Kenya Safari

Nairobi National Park. Places to visit Nairobi on a weekend alone. Photo/Kenya Safari

Kenya has the tenth-lowest cost of living in all of Africa. The overall cost of living in this country is 39.26 on the index. Kenya is still inexpensive, depending on your lifestyle and the goods and services you choose.

Compared to the United States, prices in Kenya are on average 46% cheaper, with Nairobi, the country’s capital, being 50% cheaper than London. Prices in Kenya typically fall between $700.00 and $2500.00 per month. So it is among affordable countries to live in Africa.

So, if you are planning on relocating to Africa, you know which countries to pick. They are cheap and offer you the best of your African dream.

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