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10 Tribes With The Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya

most beautiful kenyan tribes
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Which tribe is blessed with the most beautiful ladies in Kenya? First of all, Kenya consists of 47 tribes and almost all of them have exceptionally attractive women. These women are blessed beyond imagination and they make good girlfriends and good wives.

If you are looking for a good woman from Kenya to marry, then you must be wondering which tribe has the most beautiful ladies. Well, worry no more because that’s what we will be looking at today. Put your focus in these ten tribes for a high chance of getting an outstanding lady who will give you a reason to want to be in Africa forever.

1. Kamba 

From attractive body figures and natural beauty to heartwarming smiles, the Kamba tribe boasts of being with some of the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. Imagine a Kamba woman with hair braided into cornrows that make her forehead bulge and a face you can’t help but look at several times. Some of the Kamba ladies serving men with looks in Kenya include gospel music icon Kambua and media personalities Betty Kyalo and Lilian Muli.

Betty Kyalo

Betty Kyalo is one of the Kamba ladies giving men sleepless nights. Photo/ Homekazi.

2. Kikuyu 

Women from the Kikuyu tribe have a unique sense of beauty which is reservedly exotic. They have alluring bodies, sublime complexions and shiny foreheads. These ladies pay attention to fashion and you will always meet them in town rocking the best clothes, expensive shoes and jewellery.

3. Taita

Kenyan men can all agree that the Taita tribe is blessed with some of the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. In fact, several unverified sources claim that Taita women take the front row in beauty. These queens are stunning and qualify for a date due to their beautiful petite shapes.

4. Kisii 

Kisii women are naturally beautiful. From excellent body figures and flawless skins to pretty faces, these ladies have all it takes to be models. In fact, several Kisii ladies have emerged in lists of models in Miss Tourism competitions.

Corazon Kwamboka

Kisii’s Corazon Kwamboka. Photo/ Ghafla!

5. Embu 

Apart from being beautiful, Embu ladies also make good wives. Reports indicate that these beauties receive ample upbringings which make them qualify to be good life partners.

6. Luhya 

Luhya women also rank higher when the discussion is about which tribe is blessed with the most beautiful ladies in Kenya. The Luhya community has very good-looking ladies with flawless skin colour that you’ll admire every day. When a Luhya woman falls in love with you, nobody can change her mind except God the creator.

7. Luo

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o is a Luo. Photo/ Variety.

Luo women are simply blessed. Apart from their impeccable smiles, these ladies are sexy and exceedingly blessed from behind. If a Luo lady walks past you, you can’t help but stare until she disappears from sight. One amazing thing about these ladies is that they are aware of their goodies and won’t restrain from showing them off.

8. Kalenjin

The Kalenjin women are still underrated despite the fact that they keep proving people wrong. These women deserve credit for their stunning looks and prolonged feminine shelf life. If you want a submissive woman, consider going for these ladies from the Rift Valley.

Faith Kipyegon

Kalenjin’s beauty comes with athleticism as it can be seen from Faith Kipyegon. Photo/ Wikipedia.

9. Mijikenda 

When it comes to savouring beauty, all Kenyan men know that Coastal ladies are a hit. They are also good cooks and know how to impress men. Ensure your visit Kenya’s Coast before deciding to marry.

10. Meru

Meru is another tribe in Kenya with the most beautiful ladies. These ladies are a dream for most men considering their alluring figures and fantastic smiles. Even though they are hard to win, they are known to impress their men and stay by your side even when things are not going well.

Which Tribe Is Best to Marry in Kenya?

Maasai. Known for being the most fierce, the Maasai make the tribe with the best husbands in Kenya.

Which County Has The Most Beautiful Ladies in Kenya?

  1. Nairobi
  2. Nakuru
  3. Garissa
  4. Malindi
  5. Machakos
  6. Mombasa
  7. Kiambu

What Is The Most Friendly Tribe in Kenya?

The Samburu people are some of the friendliest in Kenya. They embrace their domestic culture while jointly running some of the best lodges in Kenya.

Which Is The Most Beautiful Tribe in the World?

  • Chukchi Tribe
  • The Ladakhi
  • The Himba
  • The Maori
  • The Dayak
  • The Pashtuns
  • The Uighur
  • The Xhosa

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