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Luxurious Sports & Leisure Brand, Hummel Opens in Nairobi

hummel store westlands
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If you are a sports enthusiast visiting Kenya, you can shop at Hummel, an International Sport and Leisure brand which recently opened its first Kenyan store at Westgate Mall, Westlands, Nairobi.

Hummel is now in Kenya courtesy of WAMA International Group, which has more than 30+ stores in different regions. In its plan is a massive expansion in East Africa. The Westgate Mall Hummel store is the third in East Africa as Rwanda and Uganda have this store brand already.

WAMA chose Kenya as Hummel’s third due to its industrious nature and conducive business environment. Moreover, the Kenyan capital is East Africa’s trade hub with a glowing façade for international investments. With 350,000 square feet (33,000 m2) of retail space, Westgate Mall has at least 90 stores.

Hummel Brand Origin

hummel store westlands

Newly-opened Hummel store in Westgate, Nairobi. Photo/Hummel

Hummel is a well-known manufacturer of luxury loungewear trading under its fashion sub-brand Hummel HIVE. It is also among the oldest sportswear brands in the world today. Besides loungewear, Hummel also produces sports, lifestyle, and lifestyle footwear. This Danish sportswear brand was founded in 1923 by Albert Messmer and named after the bumblebee, which is a symbol of hard work and determination.

Messmer was a shoemaker Aarhus town in Denmark. He started manufacturing sportswear for local sports teams, and his products quickly became popular. In 1926, Hummel produced its first football kit for the Danish national team. The kit was a success, and Hummel went on to become the official supplier of kits to the Danish national team for many years.

The company expanded its product range in the 1930s and 1940s, and it began to produce sportswear for other sports, such as handball, volleyball, and track and field. It started exporting some of its products to other countries thereafter.

Hummel experienced exponential growth in the 1950s and 1960s. The company became the official supplier of kits to several European national teams, including West Germany, Austria, and Norway. Hummel also began to produce sportswear for professional clubs, such as Manchester United and FC Barcelona.

However, its growth declined between the 1970s and 1980s. The company lost its contracts with several major teams, and it struggled to compete with larger, more established sportswear brands. That’s when Danish investment company, Thornico acquired Hummel in 1999.

Thornico invested heavily in the company, and Hummel regained its popularity. The company signed new contracts with several major teams, such as AC Milan and Arsenal. The firm also diversified into producing sportswear for fashion-conscious consumers. Now, it is a popular brand among athletes and sports fans alike because its products are of high quality, comfortable, and stylish design. It is committed to providing innovative sportswear that helps athletes perform at their best.

What is Hummel Brand Store in Westgate Offering?

Hummel’s brand story is built behind character which reflects in all of Hummel’s products with each product expressing its own story with the same going for every team and individual player sponsored by the brand. The Kenyan store will work with several local sports clubs in Kenya.

hummel store westlands

Newly-opened Hummel store in Westgate, Nairobi. Photo/Hummel

The Kenyan sporting market value quality which international sports brands such as Hummel do not compromise on. They are generally of higher quality than local brands a factor fueled by access to better and affordable raw materials and technology, coupled with stringent quality control standards.

Also, the company has strong branding that appeals to Kenyan consumers. They are often associated with success and glamour, which is endearing to the target market in Kenya. Lastly, affordability is also a factor that pushed Hummel to open its flagship store in Kenya, and precisely Westlands which is the city’s commercial hub.

Moreover, for 100 years, Hummel has honoured the camaraderie, celebrated the wins, and applauded the ability to play, share and enjoy sports and lifestyle throughout life and this is the brand heritage they look forward to sharing in Kenya.

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