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8 Reasons Why Kenyan Men love Ugandan Women Unconditionally

why kenyan men love ugandan women
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Kenya is a beautiful place to be with radiant, friendly and business-savvy people. However, beyond all this is the puzzle of why Kenyan men love Ugandan women to a fault.

Given a chance, a majority of Kenya’s patriarchal society would choose to spend the rest of their lives with the opposite gender from Kampala. Not that Kenyan women aren’t pleasing. In fact, they are a sight to behold in every corner of the world they walk into.

But could it be a case of what social and behavioural science experts describe as “men are never content?” We can agree to disagree on this one.

Why Kenyan Men Love Ugandan Women

First things first. Respect is a bare minimum across Uganda. Both boys and girls are taught at a young age about the value of respecting each other. But it lays more emphasis on women holding together their families through respect and courtesy, two virtues that Kenya has a different story on.


why kenyan men love ugandan women

A gorgeous Ugandan woman. Photo/Walter Photography

You must have seen photos of a Ugandan woman serving her man food while on her knees. It is a debatable subject in modern-day society but even without kneeling, the courtesy exuded is a big reason why Kenyan men love Ugandan women. Still, not all Ugandan women will kneel when serving their husbands or elders food but you can feel the respect they serve you with.

This practice is now fading out with the younger generation but the values of dignity remain unfazed. Baganda women are historically revered across African cultural circles for their unique way of taking care of their husbands’ hunger needs. Ancient culture inculcated a sense of bending your knees for your elders and husband and this tradition lived on for many years. Kenyan millennials find it captivating, and so does Generation X whose men would want such a service.

Natural Beauty

Beyond the bended knees when serving, the striking natural beauty compounds reasons why Kenyan men love Ugandan women.  The dark skin, great dental formula and charming body structure drive the love so deep. Baganda women keep it simple and their beauty radiates in every outlook.

Traditional Keepers

The influence from the West is not a threat to the social fabric of Uganda. Women preserve their culture as much as men do it. It often reflects in how you relate on a family level to the food they prepare.


Most people in Uganda are friendly and very generous. Being an agricultural-dominating country, the art of sharing lives on as a tool to enhance interconnectedness among the people. Women are at the forefront of championing love and generosity in every aspect of their lives, and men getting a bigger share of it.

Facts about Ugandan Ladies

why kenyan men love ugandan women

A gorgeous Ugandan woman. Photo/Walter Photography

Societal, spiritual and economic roles for ladies in Uganda haven’t changed much in the 21st century. However, there are more women in the academic world, business and other facets of life. But, the following facts remain constant and they are the final nail in the coffin as to why Kenyan men love Ugandan women.

Marriage is a Serious Affair

Marriage is a major matter in Uganda. Young girls are taught by their parents how to be well-mannered, courteous, and knowledgeable women. Early grooming is carried out with the specific goal of getting married at a given age. Parents prepare their daughters for marriage while they are still young on how they can be excellent spouses and mothers.


Talk of submission and you have every reason on why Kenyan men love Ugandan women. Ugandan wives are incredibly obedient to their husbands. They even bow down when they meet their spouses in public. A husband is treated with decency and respect which is everything that matters to a man.

According to the Ugandan culture, a lady is never allowed to talk back to her husband. Instead, they are encouraged to be polite and air out their grievances in a manner that doesn’t trigger chaos or disrespect.

Excellent Cooks

What you consider a simple meal turns out to be a deliciously mind-blowing dish in the hands of a Baganda woman. Try their matoke, a national dish here with groundnut toppings and well-cooked meat stew! It is heavenly.


If you are done nursing the pain of giving your heart to a disloyal woman in Kenya, head out on the next bus or flight to Kampala. This is the place where loyal women reside. You trade in ambition for loyalty because a not-so-good side of some Ugandan women is ambition. Kenyan women beat them hands down on this one.

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