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Tebo Dambe
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From the humble borders of Botswana, celebrity designer Tebo Dambe mirrors the power of daring to dream big. She rose from the ashes like a phoenix to rule the fashion world on a global scale. Today she runs Tebo Dambe luxury fashion with some of her clients being international celebrities.

Tebo is many things in one soul ­­– she doubles up as a humanitarian besides her impeccable entrepreneurship portfolio. But, what stands out about her is the fact that she is an African pushing the continent’s fashion status high up in the global scene.

Her story is full of resilience and inspiration to keep dreaming and pushing hard to make dreams come true. She embodies Oscar award-winning Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o’s words that “dreams are valid”.

Tebo Dambe

Tebo Dambe. Photo/courtesy

Who is Tebo Dambe?

Tebo Dambe is a luxury fashion designer born and bred in Botswana.  She is the founder of Tebo Dambe luxury fashion with a clientele of local and international celebrities.

The celebrity designer represents the zeal of an empowered African woman. Her fashion statement is bold, unbowed, and unapologetic. Tebo is a creative mind whose sole agenda is making Botswana, and African by extension proud a fashion powerhouse.

She is bubbly, easygoing and artistic – at least that’s how her peers describe her. And it is a description that fits her in every form if you’re to judge by her fashion brand.

She has over 28 years of experience in the fashion industry.  Her art and fashion studies took her on a journey to earning a full scholarship at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

What Inspires Tebo Dambe to Venture in the Fashion Industry?

Tebo loved art from a young age. It was the only thing that gave her satisfaction and it nurtured her fashion design skills.

Later in life, she found herself a victim of recession after being laid off from her workplace. She decided to start her fashion line onwards. But it wasn’t just to create a revenue stream for her but also to speak out against domestic violence and discrimination.

The Tswana celebrity designer was a victim of both ills while growing up. She consciously decided to offer an escape route to other victims through her art in fashion. Besides, it is what has always fed her vision.

Who Are Tebo Dambe’s Clients?

American actor Michael Jai White leads the pack of high-profile international celebrities who Tebo Dambe luxury fashion dresses.

Jai stepped out in April for Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Big Happy Family movie premier in a fabulous safari jacket designed by Tebo.

“Africa we roar. This fabulous jacket that I designed, Actor Michael Jai White is obsessed with it. I represent AFRICA by using the flag of my country Botswana, seen here in the shoulders and sleeves of this Safari Jacket by me. Tebo Dambe ~ at the Tyler Perry movie premier,” she wrote.

The safari theme in the jacket draws inspiration from Botswana’s rich wildlife heritage. Although small in size, its wildlife escapades are impressive.

Bozoma Saint John, the Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix to Tebo’s client list. Bozoma doubles up as an astute American businesswoman.

What is Tebo Dambe’s Secret To Success?

Paying close attention to detail, creativity and tailored personality taste tops her workmanship list.

“Every single design is drawn by hand by Ms. Dambe. She’s an Artist by Birth with the ability to draw Real People just as they are and very good at it. For over the past 20 years, Miss Dambe’s philosophy has always been based on luxury and detailed easy to wear clothes.” Her website describes her.

Additionally, Tebo’s fame is pegged on her fashion line’s personality, uniqueness, comfort, and luxury.

A fine arts and graphics designer Tebo is and thanks to her meticulous nature, she stands as Tebo Dambe Luxury Fashion bedrock. She does all the designing and branding at the firm – a passion she guards jealously.

“I love creating clothes with strong looks, clothes that have movement depending on the season. I love clothes that grabs attention. Being bold and also soft is a personality of mine that I incorporate in all my designs,” she says.

What Does Tebo Dambe Love About Fashion Design?

Tebo Dambe

Tebo Dambe. Photo/courtesy

“I enjoy being Creative and being an Artist. It’s really what I love, I put my heart in all the designs and craftsmanship because I am passionate about execution and perfection,” she confesses.

The US-based celebrity designer loves soft fabrics, detailed and textured fabrics. She is a color lover too and always pulls the sophisticated look in her designs.

Key in her designs is bringing out the best of women and men based on gender appeal.

“I love to create men’s clothes using womenswear as an inspiration. I mostly love pieces that make people stop and say, where did you get that? who made that? I use clothes as a metaphor to speak confidence out of you without you saying a word. I want the clothes to be your voice while you walk quietly in the room knowing your worth, everywhere you go they stop and stare from your head to the toe!”

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