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3 vehicles for a perfect self-drive while on a trip to Uganda

3 vehicles for a perfect self-drive while on a trip to Uganda
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Uganda is among the top tourist destinations in East Africa with more than 10 national parks and reserves to visit in different parts of the country.

Over the years, the tourism and travel landscape has evolved and many visitors now prefer to tour Uganda’s national parks and reserves on self-drive. This is a tradition that adds more fun to any trip you decide to take to Uganda.

Nonetheless, even as the tourism industry in Uganda grows, some of the reserves are nestled deep in the interior where an average vehicle cannot handle the rugged terrain;

Toyota RAV4 $35

To any rental car company you walk into, there are several RAV4s, a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) loved for its hardy and efficient nature. It has a fuel-efficient engine (1990-2400cc) and the ride is comfortable irrespective of the weather. The cost of maintenance is low. Whether you prefer driving manual or automatic cars, it is very easy to get your choice.

Rav4 Rocky Road outfitters

A Toyota RAV4. [Photo by Road outfitters]

Toyota Prado $60

It is the perfect SUV and 4×4 to manoeuvre the interior of Uganda. It can handle the worst of terrains with its powerful 3-litre engine. It has ample space for your camping gear and can carry up to seven passengers.

Prado YoTube

A Toyota Prado. [Photo by YouTube]

Van $40-50

In case you are travelling as a large group, you could consider hiring a van with a capacity of between 10-14 people. With this type of car, you can choose whether to pick one with manual transmission or automatic transmission.

Van Youtube

A Supercustom campervan. [Photo by YouTube]

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