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7 beautiful places to shop in Egypt

7 beautiful places to shop in Egypt
Written by See Africa Today

One of the things you are likely to slot in your to-do list when touring Egypt for CAF is shopping. For almost everyone, it is an innate thing to visit a new place and get some good stuff to either serve as memories or surprise someone.

With CAF 2019 going down in Egypt, it would be worthwhile to visit some of the best shopping hubs in the country which sell a variety of goods. One thing to be sure about is that you will not get disappointed at all.

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Khan Al Khalili
Khan el-Khalili, Cairo.

Khan el-Khalili, Cairo. [Photo/Reddit]

It is the oldest market situated in Old Cairo and is one of the most popular shopping hubs in the city. It has a reputation for selling the best hieroglyphics printed souvenirs in the country. Once you’re here, put your best bargaining skills to show. Other things to find here are clothes and artwork.

Souk al Foustat
Reflections from the Great Souk of Cairo

Reflections from the Great Souk of Cairo [Photo/Moowon]

Situated at the heart of Old Cairo – at the northern entrance to Coptic Cairo – Souk al Fustat stands out as the smallest mall but very popular for visitors with a bug for shopping. It has the best of Bedouin work emblazoned on pillowcases and on metal cups, paintings and woodwork.

There is also plenty of ceramic products. One thing though, the prices are fixed and there is no bargaining here but every coin is worth the stuff sold.

Old Market
Old market in Cairo, Egypt, in North Africa

The market in the old town of Cairo the capital of Egypt in North Africa [Photo/]

Freshly blended juice and fruits are the signature products of Old Market. It is also a hub for spices, oils and fabrics. The best thing about this market is that prices are negotiable.

Sharia Khayamiya
Sharia Khayamiya cairo

Some of the products at the Sharia Khayamiya [Photo/Wikipedia]

If you have been chasing that stylish carpet for your house, Sharia Khayamiya in Cairo is the place to get it. Besides people here being very friendly, the prices for carpets, shawls, mini in-house tents for kids and wedding products can be found here at very affordable prices.

Han el Halili
Khan el-Khalili in Cairo, Egypt

Khan el-Khalili in Cairo, Egypt [Photo/Must See Places]

This is the one market place where you can have a customized cover page with your name engraved on it with a gold gilding. Situated in Cairo, it is best known for the sale of books and other publications. You can also find a gifts shop where there are hundreds of souvenirs.

Suuq el Ataba

It is the one stop shop in Cairo for jewellery, accessories, antiques and hand made crafts. Suuq el Ataba market has been rated as one of the cheapest markets in Egypt and hardly will you find anyone bargaining.

Cairo Festival City Mall
 Cairo Festival City Mall, Egypt

The Cairo Festival City Mall, Egypt [Photo/Rowad Modern Engineering]

For the mall-like shopping enthusiast, the Cairo Festival City Mall is a good place to feed your shopping expedition. Some of the best world’s brand on shoes, clothes, perfumes among other things can be found here. It has stalls selling different products for both the old and the young.

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