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The 6 most Trendy Neighbourhoods in Lagos, Nigeria

The 6 most Trendy Neighbourhoods in Lagos, Nigeriaia Island in Lagos, Nigeria
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Lagos is an embodiment of modernity in Africa. It is Nigeria’s citadel of development for a city that has made tremendous progress in all spheres; business, culture, architecture, art, leisure, entertainment, among others.

Lagos’ charm and industrial nature have spread to other major places within Nigeria. These iconic towns are considered the most trendy in Nigeria.

Victoria Island

Victoria Island is popularly known as “The Island” in Lagos. It is home to Nigeria’s finest hotels such as Eko Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel, night clubs and posh residences. Victoria Island is the nerve centre of art with many top-notch art galleries and theatres located here. Reputable beauty spas, cafes are also available.

Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria[ Photo by Guardian Nigeria]


Opulence describes Ikoyi in detail. Ikoyi is located on Lagos Island. The culture has a deep undertone of affluence exhibited by restaurants, cafes, hotels, salons, clubs, residential houses and offices. Osborne Foreshore Estates, Parkview Estate, Banana Island are some of the prestigious estates with tastefully designed houses.

Ikoyi also has exclusive boat clubs the most famous being the Ikoyi Boat Club and The George Hotel.

Southernsun Hotel in Ikoyi. [Photo by WIkipedia]


Marina is the oldest hood in Lagos Island. It is deeply cultured with an interesting history of Lagos and is brilliantly a commercial and arts zone. Some of Lagos’ biggest names in the business, huge office spaces with a cultural and modern look are in Marina. There are markets in Marina that ooze that modern feel but is crowned by a traditional feel.


Ikeja is located on the mainland and houses the Government Residential Area (GRA), Maryland, Allen Avenue and Oregun. Although it was at first a wealthy-man zone only, it now accommodates people from all social classes. There are reputable commercial entities in Ikeja offering an array of services; from communication, hospitality to fashion. Some of the top hotels in Nigeria such as Sheraton Hotels, Rennaisance and Protea are located in Ikeja.

Airport Road in Ikeja, Lagos. [Photo by PropertyPR.ng]


Lekki is the suburb adjacent to Victoria Island with high-end bars, malls, cinema halls, galleries and hotels. Lekki has the best beaches in Lagos. The splendour that comes with residential complexes lined up in Lekki is unrivalled. Stores, eateries and restaurants are primarily placed. One of the most expensive hotels in Nigeria, Oriental Hotel sits in Lekki.


Surulere on the mainland in Lagos is a bedrock of talent in Nigeria. Iconic names in the music industry from this area include Wizkid and Dr.Sid. It is today’s subcultural neighbourhood with the best of fashion recreational activities and leisure. Youth with an inclination for urban lifestyle mainly live here. 

Surulere in Lagos Nigeria [Photo by YouTube]

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