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Two-days trek in Tunisia’s Sahara Desert from as low as $250

Two-days trek in Tunisia’s Sahara Desert from as low as $250
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From just as low as $250, you can get a lifetime experience riding in the expansive and historic Sahara desert not on a motor but on a camelback! In this adventure, Tunisia is the place to be.

The Sahara desert ride is a two-day trek where visitors get to learn more about the ancient traditions where the use of camels was the main mode of transport across the treacherous desert.

Camel riding in Sahara

Tourists enjoying a camel ride in The Sahara [Photo/Grassroute Adventures]

The trek begins from Douz Here, Bedouin cameleers (guides) pick visitors from the hotels up and off to the Sahara desert.

Coupled by a sense of modernity and yet a firm grip on the traditions of the Bedouin and Berber who are inhabitants of the desert, the trek gets even better with the overnight experience which besides giving a feeling of exhilaration, informs on how the two communities have managed to live in the desert for hundreds of decades.

Sand dunes in The Sahara

Trekking on the sand dunes in The Sahara [Photo/Help for Heroes]

Riding in the golden dunes, experiencing the well-crafted topography of the desert and learning a few tricks on camel-wrangling marks the first few hours of day one trek.

So organized is this trek that you will have your meals in the middle of the desert prepared by topnotch chefs besides taking photos of the impressive desert.

Bonfire at Sahara

A bonfire for the camp experience at The Sahara. [Photo/Pinterest]

The nights are amazingly memorable. The beautiful Saharan sky illuminated by a bonfire and the sound of drums could never get better!


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