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Top 10 Reasons to Holiday in Tunisia | You Must Visit Here.

Holiday in Tunisia
Written by Lovish Madaan

Top 10 Reasons to Holiday in Tunisia


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says it’s Tunisia? The tiny Mediterranean country where your aunt had a tan she wouldn’t keep quiet about? Tunisia, mostly proud of its multicultural history, has a diverse heritage and versatility. From being a Roman colony to the French protectorate, Tunisia’s strategic position was and still is a crossroads between the Arab world, Africa and Europe.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider Tunisia as your next travelling destination.

Its sunny coast

It is due to its long beaches and its temperate climate that Tunisia has become well known! And yes, many seaside resorts have flourished but there are still large stretches of coastline very well preserved and unexplored, such as Cap-Serrat,  Sidi Bou and small coves with clear waters where snorkelling or diving can be enjoyed.

Value for Money


The first thing one considers when planning a trip is money, isn’t it? Depending on your budget, you’d start looking for a destination that not only looks good visually but has a weaker currency. In Tunisia, the dollar is equivalent to two and a half Tunisian dinars. One Euro is worth three Tunisian Dinars. This makes Tunisia incredibly pocket friendly for tourists with cheap shopping and Food being so inexpensive. And if none of that appeals to you there are always “All-Inclusive” formulas in the hotels where you get to pay, half of what you’d be able to spend, with free drinks and food, all day long.

Virgin Beaches

Tunisia is dubbed “the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.” in reality, Tunisia has some of the most beautiful seas in the world. Unfortunately, the beaches are often overlooked and tend to slip under the radar of the countries that rank higher up on the lists of the most beautiful beaches to visit. But it’s only because most of them are unknown. Virgin beaches are located all over Tunisia. You just need to ask the local for an unforgettable experience.

Roman Colosseum.


Did you know that Tunisia has its version of the Colosseum of Rome? And did you know that because tourists don’t hurry to visit this magnificent monument when they go to Tunisia, it’s mostly empty? Remember when you visited the Colosseum and there were just too many visitors, and skipping the Line Pass was too expensive? Well, the El-Jam Amphitheatre credits itself for its cheap ticket rates, often empty lines, as well as many other references to popular culture. Not only has this monument been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1979, but it also has a tradition of being used as a refuge to avoid foreign attacks and the regular gladiator spectacles. So if you’re looking for an annual cultural dose of history, you’re in the right country.

The welcome and generosity of Tunisians

 You will always be welcomed in Tunisia with open arms and a warm smile. The Tunisians are readily accessible and like to speak about and share their culture. It’s a nice country and it’s this warm demeanour that makes a holiday memorable.

You’re IN for a culinary tour

Every dish you encounter in Tunisia has a story. You may have come across its name in world-famous culinary publications, and you may have seen its cultural appropriation in many countries around the world, but Shakshouka is a typical Maghrebian meal. The word originally means “mixture” in the Amazigh language, the indigenous peoples of North Africa. Tomato-based with green and red peppers, Tunisian harissa and eggs, Shakshouka could be your usual vegetarian meal, or you could add spicy sausages (Merguez) to a greasy touch. If you’re more into spices and spicy, the Lablabi cumin-flavoured can please your taste buds.

The first six Star Wars movies were filmed there


If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve selected the most iconic “Star Wars” place in the world. In Tataouine, you can recognize a lot of movie sets, now well-preserved and open to tourists. The name itself was used by filmmaker George Lucas as Luke Skywalker’s fictional home planet “Tatooine.” If you opt for a desert SUV drive, you’ll probably visit Matmata, a small Berber town, 2 hours away from Tataouine. Lucas used underground troglodyte houses as Skywalker’s childhood home, where his aunt and uncle raised him. If you’re still searching for an unforgettable experience, you can spend the night at the Sidi Driss hotel and see the exclusive dwellings that captivated the Star Wars filmmaker. Note: Exceptional images, never seen before, of the Star Wars set, can be found framed in the hotel.

A place of beautiful mosaics

You can find mosaics in more than one museum in Tunisia. The old Beylic Palace of Bardo turned Bardo Museum, houses one of the most prestigious collections of mosaics ever made in the world. Because Tunisia “possesses one of the richest and most varied collections of mosaic art in the Mediterranean Basin,” it holds a series of mosaics that span more than 10 centuries of detailed art in the Roman world. They represent all the prosperous times, events and lifestyles that the Africa Proconsularis has seen.

immerse yourself in art and culture

 A visit to the impressive Bardo Museum in the capital of Tunis is one of the best highlights of Tunisia’s history. A more personal way to immerse yourself in art is by meeting artists in their studios.  Visit the Sadika Art Gallery to speak with Sadika Kecskes, who brought the blown glass back to Tunisia.


Tunisia has one of the lowest coronavirus mortality rates in the world, with just 1,087 confirmed cases of infection. The National Office of Tunisian Tourism (ONTT) has developed a complete protocol to prevent the spread of the virus and to resume its tourism activities. The Protocol entered into force on 4 June and will be closely monitored by the Ministry of Health. Recently, the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization, Mr Zurab Pololikashvili, has declared Tunisia a safe country in terms of its health plan and as a result of its brilliant management of the Covid crisis, it has become a safe destination for visitors, setting a positive example of how sanitatio

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