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What you need to know about Fashion in Africa, Ankara, Kente designs

What you need to know about Fashion in Africa, Ankara, Kente designs
Written by See Africa Today

African print designs are a phenomenon that has found its way to top design houses across the world. Print wears are a symbol of Africa’s heritage and culture whose uptake by other parts of the world is welcome.

Although there are several high-ranking print designs, Ankara and Kente are very popular around the continent because they have been modernised and they can blend in with the 21st-century fashion designs.

What to know about Ankara

The Ankara trend is a major fashion style across Africa. In 2018’s fashion events held in various places within Africa, Ankara designs featured predominantly.

African Ankara fashion

Ankara Styles [Photo by Styleuki]

The versatility of Anakaras has made them very popular as people of all shapes, body sizes and age can rock them comfortably. Usually, the fabric that creates Ankara is bright –coloured and easily blends in with other fabrics. Ankara gowns are in particular, stunning and can be worn on every occasion.

What to know about Kente

Kente is African wear made from silk cotton woven into separate strips which are sewn together into a long garment. In its mother country, Ghana where it was discovered, it is usually worn loosely around the shoulders and waist.

African Kente fashion

Women’s Kente Cloth Blazer – Grey [Photo by RuvaAfricWear]

However, over the years, Kente has been modernized and is one of the most sought after African dresses designs for weddings. Worth to note is that it comes in different colours but black signifies maturation and spiritual energy while blue signifies peace, love and harmony. gold denotes royalty and spiritual purity; green is the colour representing the land, and spiritual renewal.Editor’s recommendation:

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