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7 Best Day Trips for Adventurers in Casablanca

7 Best Day Trips for Adventurers in Casablanca
Written by Lovish Madaan

7 Best Day Trips for Adventurers in Casablanca

 Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. It is the hub of the country’s economy and a lot is going on. When arriving in Casablanca it may seem a bit daunting as it is busy probably doesn’t seem like the best place to have a holiday or any type of adventure but that would be wrong. There is a lot of fun and adventure to be had. Casablanca is situated in just the right place to allow holidaymakers to take different day trips and explore the gems that Morocco has to offer.  Here are a few Day trips that one can partake in to create some fantastic memories:

1.Trip to Fez

Are you into history? Well, then Fez will send you right back in time. It is not far from Casablanca, just 246km and is full of history. It was founded in AD 808 so it has a lot of stories to tell especially with its medina structure. It is a car-free city, as it has narrow streets, fountains, palaces and beautiful mosques. It is an imperial city that is also deemed a UNESCO world heritage site. There is beautiful architecture especially the Royal palace you can get some very good photos there with a beautiful background. Fez is also known for its souks, museums, mosques and monuments. If you are into art and design, you would appreciate this Day trip with all the pottery factories, craftsmen, woodwork factories as well as leather tanneries. In Fez, you will enjoy both the new and old parts of the city that will leave you filled with both a cultural and spiritual experience.

2.Trip to Rabat

When visiting Morocco one has to take a day trip to another of its imperial cities. This also happens to be the capital city of Morocco. The locals in Rabat are very friendly and make going through the maze of the medina worthwhile. Rabat is also recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site list. There is a lot of history here. You can visit the Hassan Tower which was a project started in 1195 by the Sultan to be a very big mosque. It is 44m high never making it to the intended height due to the death of the Sultan. There is also the Mausoleum of Mohammed V; this is where King Mohammed V is buried as well as his son Hassan II. You can marvel at the architecture of what once was the Roman City of Sala Colonia at the site in Challah. The beautiful Kasbah of the Udayas is a must-see and there you can take some very stunning photos. You can round off your day trip with some beach time to unwind and just enjoy.

4.Trip to El Jadida

Here we have another city that is a UNESCO Heritage Site. El Jadida is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a city that was heavily influenced by Portuguese as they occupied the area till the 18th Century. It is a town built with fortified walls making it difficult in case of an impending attack. It even has rusty cannon points and vantage points to see when the enemy is here. Here you can have a great view of the town and the ocean. The Portuguese also built incredible cisterns that provided water to the town this is a must-see. This day trip is refreshing and relaxing. You can also enjoy many fish dishes so go prepared for some variety.

4.Trip to Safi

If you are looking for a relaxing day by the seaside then you are in for a treat. This rich sardine port is the place to go. The Romans made use of this place a fort but when the Portuguese settled there they left amazing architecture which includes that of the Dar el Bahar Fortress. There is a very big pottery market you can visit and maybe find that one or several things to take home as a memorabilia. After having explored the rich history in this city you can settle down to enjoy the beautiful coast and tuck into some lovely seafood dishes. That is indeed a day well spent.

5.Trip to Oualidia

If you are not so much into history and architecture and you just want to have a relaxing day without too much walking about then this day trip is just for you. Oualidia is a small seaside village that is 182km from Casablanca. It is charming and one of the popular places to holiday in Morocco. There is a beautiful tranquil natural lagoon that is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a long sand bar.  Are you a foodie? Then this is one of the places to go for a meal. Oualidia is known for its amazing seafood meals, their speciality is oysters as this village is popular for its oyster production. If you would like some activities, it is also a great place for boat rides, kayaking, mountain biking as well as just going for long lazy walks.

6.Trip to The Corniche

If you don’t feel like going anywhere outside of Casablanca then you are in luck. There is a place that has taken a page from the New Jersey shoreline known as Casablanca’s Corniche. It is a stunning shoreline that is great for those who are looking for a vibrant atmosphere as well as nightlife. There are restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and theatres. If you are craving western food this is the place to find it. There is also a public beach that can be enjoyed by many and good for families on holiday.

7.Trip to Marrakesh

Now, this is the magical day trip that all should not miss out on. It is known as the ‘Jewel of the South.’ Many say that you cannot help but go back because you would have fallen in love with it. Marrakesh is also noted as an imperial city with a lot of history. The spectacular sites of museums, art galleries, cherished courtyards where many have fallen in love, the souks where you can buy special traditional products and mosques. A garden that should be visited is the Jardin Majorelle, it is beautiful and colourful. Many artists find it as an oasis of inspiration. Do not skip a day trip to the vibrant city of Marrakesh you never know what you will fall in love with.

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