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5 important hacks before booking a holiday home | Travelling In Africa

important hacks before booking a holiday home | Travelling In Africa
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Travelling In Africa

Planning for travelling in Africa? The year 2020 will have an interesting end as it will be the first time that people go out post-COVID-19 pandemic.

With it, comes the rush to get a holiday home that fits your bill but it is not until you make al arrangements and get to spend a day that you realized you missed some important things.

In the end, in as much as you would want to overlook this, the holiday is never 100% fulfilling because of one or two things that were not what you thought they would be or were not there at all.

In your next holiday, be sure to check the following things to get value for your money and a stay beyond your expectations.

1.Don’t believe everything you see listed

For the gullible souls, this a big bait. May are times that appealing photos of Holiday Homes in your area of choice are listed with a lot of half-truths and some, complete lies like distance from let’s say, the beach or the city and the like.

While it is not possible to have a bulletproof way to hack this, it is advisable to get reviews of the property from different sources. They all cannot lie.

2.Booking conditions

Ever thought of getting that phone you so much desire or a laptop? Remember how much you dug into finding out if it has a warranty, speed, camera and the rest? Yes, the same applies to Holiday Homes. It is important for you to go through the terms and conditions making the booking. In the event there are extra charges, you will be aware and won’t be caught off guard.

3.Read and understand the cancellation policy

This is perhaps the most important thing that should always lurk in your minds whenever you pick a holiday home or any other facility offering accommodation. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us all an important lesson when lockdowns were imposed without notice. When in the know of the Holiday home’s cancellation policy, you are able to make proper arrangements in case such an eventuality comes.

4.How do you book? An agency or personally?

This is a pertinent question for anyone seeking to have his/her holiday away from home; in some other place where they rejuvenate and put their minds at ease. I would always go with the option of making the booking directly with the owner of the property because it is cheap and more convenient. Using an agency will always have a premium fee on top of what you pay for the holiday home which becomes expensive.

However, booking through an agency, Airbnb will at times even be cheaper because they offer discounts and most property owners prefer you book with the agency for safety and compensatory damages in the unlikely event that there are damages on the property.


It is no brainer that whenever you set out on looking for a suitable holiday home, the first thing that you consider is the location depends on what you are comfortable. Not everyone is a “city” or “town” person; there are those who prefer it a bit interiors and quiet, away from the noise pollution that comes with a town.

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