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Scheduled Flights Vs Chartered Flight; Which is the Best?

Chartered vs scheduled flights
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Scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines is a pain point for travellers in most cases.

A common perception is that scheduled flights are typically occupied by harried professionals. Another different school of thought holds that charter planes are frequently used by laid-back vacationers.

But how exactly do these two kinds of flying diverge from one another? What is the main difference and what is there about scheduled and chartered flights?

See Africa Today tells you everything you should know about these flights. So, the next time you fly to Africa, it will be easier for you.

What is the Difference Between Chartered and Scheduled Flights?

First let’s understand what scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines mean.

Scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines

Scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines. Photo/Air Charters Inc

Scheduled Flights

A scheduled flight means that seats on that aircraft are available for purchase through several airlines across the world. It comes with connecting flights – or the possibility thereof.

When most people think of purchasing an airline ticket, they picture themselves on a regularly scheduled flight. You purchase your ticket through an airline that sells out all available seats on the plane.

These airlines run flights on a consistent basis according to going by predetermined schedules. Passengers only choose which flight they wish to take from among the provided flight options.

For example, major airlines flying to Africa mainly operate scheduled flights. They include but are not limited to the following:

  • Emirates
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Kenya Airways
  • Etihad
  • British Airways
  • Ethiopia Airways
  • Air Morocco

Chartered Flights

A charter flight does not feature anywhere in the flight itinerary of an airline. Ideally, they are bought from the airline by a tour operator.

Thus, you won’t find an airline announcing on its website that it flies from Point A to Point B every Monday at 2 pm. Charter flights serve specific, last-minute itineraries which is where tour operators come in.

In most cases, charter flights depart from a city (typically a smaller city airport) and land at their final destination straight away, saving you time.

Popular charter flights to Africa including but not limited to the following:

  • Jetex
  • Condor
  • Tui Fly
  • Eurowing

Are Chartered Flights More Expensive than a Scheduled Flight?

Chartered flights are more expensive than scheduled flight because of the different dynamics that it offers. There is more leeway in terms of scheduling, itineraries, and destination options with chartered flights.

However, these flights are only reserved through a group or consortium for validation. On the other hand, scheduled flights are cheap because they apply economies of scale.

They also have a planned out travel plan with fully booked seats. These cost variables play a huge role in scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines.

Are Charter Flights Better than Scheduled Flights?

Charter Flight

Charter plane. Photo/CNBC

Scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines – which is better? Charter flights are better for the following reasons.

Tailored Service

You don’t have to worry about missing out on a seat because of an unforeseen overbooking on a chartered flight. You pick the plane that best suits your needs.

Chartered flights also make the check-in procedure go more quickly because security scanning is not necessary since the aeroplane is just carrying your group.

Absolute Confidentiality

Taking a charter means that you arrive at your destination well-prepared, with less stress and a greater degree of autonomy.

Adaptability in Terms of Location

Unlike major commercial airlines, charter flights with smaller planes can land and take off from airstrips in rural areas, as well as major cities.

Adaptability to Changes in Schedule

You are in charge of setting departure timings. You have the flexibility to choose your own departure time for chartered flights, even on the day of the flight.


The seclusion and adaptability that come with flying on a charter plane make it the ideal choice for business travel.

In the delivery of time-sensitive cargo, chartered flights are the best bet.

Can Scheduled Flights be Cancelled?

If the airline you are flying with makes changes to the schedule of your flight, you are eligible to receive a refund. But with the exception of the circumstance known as a “small flight schedule adjustment.”

In other words, you are eligible for a refund in the event of a flight cancellation. Take into account the possibility that the airline could offer you an alternative flight in place of a refund.

In the scheduled flights vs chartered flight Africa airlines debate, you choose charter if you’re travelling as a group to a common destination.

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