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Romantic Getaways In Zanzibar That’ll Blow Your Mind Away

Zanzibar Island
Written by See Africa Today

For those looking for a romantic getaway during the month of Love, look no further – Zanzibar offers a thrilling destination for couples.

With its rich heritage and stunning natural beauty, an exotic blend of experiences sets apart Zanzibar to be a unique romantic destination you will never forget.

Here you’ll find not only a picturesque coastline and exquisite villas, but also sundowner dhow cruises and Arabian-styled boutique hotels. While in the past couples always headed straight to the beach, Zanzibar now offers a broader range of experiences.

Such as intimate hotels and restaurants in Stone Town set the enigmatic old quarter as a romantic destination of note.

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Stone Town, Zanzibar


Stone Town Zanzibar. [Photo: stonetown_zanzibar]

Although the stunning beaches are a must, any romantic holiday to Zanzibar should include some time in Stone Town.  The ancient town labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys has attracted adventurous couples for years. The upside is that Stone Town is relatively small and safe. Not knowing exactly where you’re going adds to the experience. Locals are generally helpful, so feel free to ask for directions as often as necessary. But once in a while, it’s best to let yourself get lost and discover new corners of Stone Town. During your walks, you will find a range of cute restaurants and intimate hotels that have added to the old quarter’s charm. The twisting passageways are also home to an increasing number of speciality shops and boutiques, stocking high-quality jewellery, clothing and accessories made in Zanzibar. So tourists are spoilt for choice when souvenir shopping. Above the streets, rooftop restaurants serve intriguing cocktails and delicious seafood, with beautiful sunset views across the palm trees and over the bay.

Michamvi Peninsulam, Zanzibar


Michamvi in Zanzibar. [Photo:

Outside Stone Town, Michamvi Peninsula has probably the best selection of smaller, quieter hotels, with plenty of choice for an unforgettable romantic getaway. Kendwa and Matemwe also have some excellent couple resorts, and there are other similar lodges dotted along the east coast. However, for the ultimate privacy and exclusivity, head to Pemba or Mafia. Even one of the smaller private islands scattered throughout the archipelago. There are some truly magical experiences to have, from spectacular private tree houses to a houseboat’s underwater bedroom.

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Island life, Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island. [Photo: Samysassou]

 The experiences you will have in Zanzibar will remain in your heart for a lifetime, whether you’re on a honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or just taking a Romantic outing. This fits perfectly with the vibe in Zanzibar as life moves at a slow pace, it is prudent to accept this calm chaos. Your smoothie and waffles might take 30 minutes from the time you order, but rest assured it will be so delicious and worth the wait. The best way to make the most out of Zanzibar is by choosing to live each day as a new adventure determined by you. For a western-oriented posh vibe, head north of the island to Kendwa. All-inclusive packages are tailor-made for you. But if you prefer an authentic Zanzibar experience, head for quieter towns such as Jambiani where you can mix with locals and get village life vibes at a slower pace.

Adventure, Zanzibar

 Swim with the dolphins off Ras Kizimkazi, or join a scuba diving course together to enhance your adventure. Whilst you are at it, enjoy a gorgeous candlelit meal in the dreamlike ruins of the Mtoni Palace, or board a sunset dhow cruise and sip the G&Ts with your toes in the cool water. A boat trip is essential to the Zanzibar experience, and few things are as romantic as your own dhow for the day with your loved one. Visit the remote tidal sandbars and snorkel in the pristine coral bays. The more upmarket lodges will often have their own dhows for guests to use, with a quiet beach, a sunset deck, a sunlit dinner on the sand. Zanzibar offers classical romance in spades. The hardest part is going to be to choose which option to take.

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Taste the World, Zanzibar

Foods of Zanzibar

Foods of Zanzibar. [Photo: tamichantravels]

Zanzibar has had various rulers over the centuries, each influencing the culture and cuisine on the island.  You will taste the original fusion food, a delicious medley of Indian, Arab, Chinese, Portuguese and African cooking technics and traditions. The food here is all driven by spices; these are referred to as the Spice Islands after all. Here cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg are considered a staple. With the presence of African ugali, Indian chapatti and some Swahili curries, you will be able to eat a wide variety of fresh seafood as humanly possible. Be on the lookout for island specialities such as octopus curry and urojo. This turmeric and coconut-based soup with crispy fritters and spiced potatoes seem to have the island’s entire history represented within its broth. Your relationship with food will never be the same again.

Trip tips, Zanzibar

There will be no need to hire a car in Zanzibar unless you want to explore every corner of the island. Your hotel or resort will be happy to arrange transfers and, in any case, the most travel you’re likely to do is take a long evening walk along the beach. Be sure to keep hydrated and carry light, loose-fitting clothes to make the most of your tropical adventure.

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