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5 Luxurious, Romantic Getaway Lodges In Laikipia

Ol Jogi
Written by See Africa Today

It is that time of the year again when lovers look forward to Valentine’s Day with lots of enthusiasm and luxurious getaway lodges in Laikipia could be your holy grail as you celebrate your partner.

Love is a beautiful thing; it is all about making memories which years from now, you will look back and smile.

Laikipia is home to Kenya’s luxurious and high-end lodges. It is a place where the charm about Valentine’s Day is redefined because somewhat, it is underrated in Africa. However, Laikipia has the right incentives to change your love narrative to a fairy tale.

Thus, as Valentine’s Day edges closer, be sure to have some great time with your loved ones in the most exotic lodges within Laikipia.

1.Ol Jogi Conservancy

Ol Jogi

Ol Jogi Conservancy in Laikipia. [Photo: Oljogi]

You haven’t seen the best of Kenya’s nature if you haven’t been to Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy in Laikipia, a privately-owned wildlife conservancy dedicated to preserving endangered species.

Ol Jogi Conservancy spans to about 60,000 acres into the wilderness in the north of Nairobi making it a top exclusive safari destination in Kenya. The experiences at Ol Jogi are captivating, to say the least.

Owned by French billionaire dealing in art Alec Wildenstein and his wife Jocelyne Wildenstein (The Cat Woman) Ol Jogi tops the list of exclusive romantic getaways in Kenya. With its privately owned luxury exclusive-use lodge status, it is a place you will cherish for a lifetime.

Besides the abundance of wildlife, Ol Jogi boasts of world-class accommodation with impeccable facilities tastefully designed to your delight.

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  1. Maiyan Nanyuki

Maiyan. [Photo: maiyannanyuki]

Derived from a Maasai word, Maiyan – meaning God’s blessings- Maiyan Nanyuki is a beauty to behold.

Maiyan sits at the foothills of Mt Kenya overlooking the rolling Lolldaiga Hills.

Boma-a structure influenced by traditional homestead dot the resort’s outdoor dining section. They are designed in line with the Maasai tradition which represents the African culture amplified by entertaining music. Leisure strolls are on another level at Maiyan as horsebacks give the comfort of scouting the entire resort.

 3. Loisaba Star Beds



Have you ever heard of Loisaba Star beds at the Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia?

Here, you have an opportunity to sleep at night while gazing at the stars.

While there are a lot of things to boast about Loisaba, the key takeaway is the Loisaba Star beds which it describes as “an African adventure” worth every smile and glory. Just off the equator, it straddles to the north of Laikipia up to the foothills of Mt Kenya.

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Usually, the Star beds assume a communal setup which makes it very entertaining for guests spending an open night in the African sky. The Star bed communal area has a dining area which is wooden and decked in the conservancy where you enjoy breakfast as the sun shines down your skin.

4.Segera Retreat

Segera Retreat

Segera Retreat. [Photo: segeraretreat]

Tall of the beauty of Segera Retreat in Laikipia and a picture of six eco-thatched villas appear. This is the hallmark of the retreat that sits in a 50,000-acre piece of land. It is the oasis of luxury.

Across the many private properties in Kenya, Segera Retreat has capitalized on conservation projects while offering the best of luxury that a safari lodge of its status can offer.

A huge savannah with no end in sight surrounds Segera Retreat making nature walks and adventure in the jungle more than splendid. Though there isn’t much game in the vicinity, the comfort and assurance of roaming safely into the savannah and mingling with the communities around give so much pleasure.

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5.Sirikoi Lodge

Call it the Best Resort in The World and Best Safari Property in Africa; you will be right. Sirikoi Lodge in Laikipia has received Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards in both categories thereby cementing the status permanently.

Tucked deep in the savannahs of Laikipia, Sirikoi Lodge oozes opulence coupled by wonderful views of Kenya’s wild from the comfort of beautifully decorated tented rooms.

Sirikoi Lodge has won a gold medal in the eco-friendly category for its efforts towards conserving wildlife and the environment.

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