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$192m Mall of Africa in Gauteng Feels Like ‘Little Europe’

Mall of Africa
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Once you get to Waterfall City in South Africa’s Midrand, Gauteng area, one shopping complex stands out. The sheer touch of architectural perfection here leaves you wondering how much is Mall of Africa worth?

This R3.5 billion mall is exquisite and very unique. It personifies a ‘little Europe’ in one of South Africa’s richest neighbourhoods.  There is no greater feeling than taking in the splendour of the Mall of Africa, the hippest shopping centre in South Africa.

Opulence and style are the new standard as you enter this stunning piece of architecture with more than 300 stores. They cater to the needs of the upper class in Waterfall City and beyond.

The complex was named the Coolest Mall in 2019 in the annual Sunday Times Generation Awards.

Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa. Photo by MoneyTalk

Who is Owner of Mall of Africa?

As a pioneer ambassador of green energy, it is among the few entities in the world with an intricate rooftop Solar PV system. This is a massive investment and many people wonder who owns this expansive mall.

Well, South African business entity Attacq Ltd owns the property. It is one of its multi-billion-dollar empire in its real estate portfolio. So, how much is Mall of Africa worth? Its market value stands at $192,638,138.

The beautiful geological formations and breathtaking landscapes of Africa inspired its architectural design. Luxury outdoor dining places with a picturesque views of Sandton also inspired its hippy and posh outlook that took four years to build.

Given South Africa’s population and status quo, Attacq Ltd, chose green energy to power up the mall. Tons of complex rooftop Solar PV installation system dot its rooftop making it one of the few establishment in South Africa to switch to sola power.

How Much Did it Cost to Build the Mall of Africa?

How much is Mall of Africa worth answers the cost of putting up the one-of-a-kind mall in Gauteng. As stated earlier, it cost $192 million to build the mall.

Just like its name, it is a symbolic of the fine things in life. The sheer of this complex house leading local and international fashion brands.

They include:

  1. H&M
  2. Michael Kors
  3. Versace
  4. Zara Home
  5. Starbuckc
  6. Woolworth
  7. Mango Man

Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani also have stores here.

Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa. Photo by Mall of Africa

How Many Shops are in Mall of Africa?

Besides burning question on how much is Mall of Africa worth, it boasts of housing 300 shops in the complex.

Due to its modern vibe, millions of South African youths closely associate themselves with the Mall of Africa.  The general manager of the mall Johann Fourie, suggests that the shopping centre is more than just a four-letter word.

Fourie says the mall is a lifestyle destination for thousands of people. It completely changed shopping patterns by South Africans because of its hippy outlook and fashionable goods.

One of the attractions in the Mall of Africa is Crystal Court. The court is home to a number of opulent, well-known fashion labels that the majority of South Africans identify with.

African art shows are also conducted regularly throughout the year here. In Gauteng, your next referral for quality art work will always be the Mall of Africa.

It features more than 500 pieces of artwork with over 130 artists displaying their work. In conjunction with South African Fashion Week, the Mall of Africa hosted a Menswear Designer Pop-Up shop in June 2019. (SAFW).

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