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10 Biggest shopping malls in South Africa

Menlyn Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
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South Africa is home to some of the biggest shopping malls on the continent. These malls have all you need under one roof.

Shopping malls have now evolved into more than just a place where you walk in, get what you want then leave after paying.

Modern shopping malls are more like recreation centres. Visiting any of them guarantees a unique and memorable shopping experience.

Apart from the several retail shops, these malls have movie theatres, bars, restaurants and kids’ playing areas.

You’ll also find booster cinema seats in cinemas for kids, breastfeeding rooms and Muslim prayer rooms.

The biggest shopping malls in South Africa accept digital payment methods and can be described as exquisite, considering their architectural function. But do you know where exactly they are located?

1. Fourways in Johannesburg


Fourways Mall. South African.

Fourways became the biggest shopping mall in South Africa after its renovation. The mall, which was initially built in 1994, boasts an increased retail size of 178,000 square metres.

Fourways Mall is located in Johannesburg and operates daily from 9 am to 8 pm, except on Sundays when it closes at 5 pm.

The mall has around 400 stores and 8,000 parking bays. It is owned by Azrapart and Accelerate Property Fund.

2. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre 

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre has more than 500 stores, 8,000 parking bays and around 16 parking entrances.

The award-winning mall in Pretoria was opened in 1979 and is owned by Pareto Limited. It boasts essential service providers such as concierge ambassadors, Grocery Avenue information desks and wheelchairs at the security office.

Menlyn Menlyn Park Shopping Centre

Menlyn Park Shopping Centre. Photo/ Pareto Limited.

3. Gateway Theatre of Shopping 

Gateway Theatre of Shopping is located at Umhlanga Rocks on the north side of the Durban region. Apart from shopping, it is one of the ultimate destinations for entertainment, eating and fashion.

The galleria, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in South Africa, has over 450 stores and 70 eateries.

4. Canal Walk Shopping Centre 

Canal Walk is located in Cape Town and currently boasts over 400 stores. Most of those stores sell both local and international products.

The mall, which Hyprop Investments and Ellerine Boss owns, is the best place to go if you want to enjoy 4k movies and delicious meals.

5. Sandton City South Africa 

Sandton City, owned by Liberty Holdings and Pareto, is the biggest mall in Sandton. The property has over 300 stores and is worth around R5 billion.

Sandton City is one of the biggest shopping malls in South Africa.

Sandton City

Sandton City. Photo/ In Your Pocket.

6. Eastgate Shopping Centre 

Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg is owned by Liberty Holdings Ltd. The mall boasts over 300 stores and has very convenient Call & Collect services.

Customers at Eastgate Shopping Centre call the stores, place orders, pay then go to the rooftops to collect their items.

7. The Pavilion 

With its iconic European architectural features, the Pavilion is arguably the most beautiful mall in South Africa.

The mall, which is owned by Pareto, is located in Westville and is famous for being one of the oldest malls in the Durban region.

8. Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa is the largest shopping mall in Africa to be built in a single phase. It boasts over 131,000 square metres of retail space.

Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa. Photo/ MoneyTalk

The galleria, which is located in Waterfall City, Gauteng, is very unique and exquisite. It has over 300 stores for luxury brands such as Starbucks and H&M.

9. Centurion Mall

Centurion is actually an open-air shopping centre that has a lot of stores. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in South Africa.

10. Westgate Mall 

Westgate Mall in Johannesburg was opened in 1985. The mall, which has over 100 stores, is the best place for young people who love American lifestyle to go shopping.

Westgate Mall

Westgate Mall. Photo/ Pareto Limited.

Westgate Mall is owned by Pareto Limited.

What are the top five biggest malls in South Africa? 

  1. Fourways Mall in Johannesburg
  2. Menlyn Park Shopping Centre
  3. Gateway Theatre of Shopping
  4. Canal Walk Shopping Centre
  5. Sandton City Mall

Is Menlyn bigger than Mall of Africa? 

Yes. Menlyn is the second-largest shopping mall in South Africa.

Is Gateway bigger than Mall of Africa? 

Yes. Gateway Theatre of Shopping has a retail size of 150,320 square metres, while Mall of Africa has a retail size of 130,000.

What is the most luxurious mall in South Africa? 

Mall of Africa. Apart from being one of the biggest shopping malls in South Africa, Mall of Africa is very unique and exquisite.

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