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US to Tanzania Direct Flights to Start in 2024

us to tanzania direct flights
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In a bid to further boost its thriving tourism industry, Tanzania has announced plans to launch US to Tanzania direct flights starting 2024.

The groundbreaking agreement was revealed by Damas Mfugale, the Managing Director of the Tanzania Tourist Board, during a gala event held in Dar es Salaam. He was attending an event celebrating Tanzania’s success in tourism. Government officials, diplomats, and representatives from the US travel industry also attended the event at Gran Melia Hotel.

US to Tanzania Direct Flights

The US to Tanzania direct flights move comes as part of the Tanzanian government’s ambitious goal to attract five million tourists by 2025. It has a particular focus on the United States, whose citizens constitute the largest number of tourists visiting the East African nation.

us to tanzania direct flights

American Airlines in the sky. Photo/Kenyan Wallstreet

John Mongera, the Arusha Regional Commissioner, highlighted the government’s relentless efforts to collaborate with the American government. He expressed gratitude to US travel agents for their significant contributions to the success of Tanzania’s tourism industry. Arusha is a top tourist destination in Tanzania since the famous Mt Kilimanjaro towers above the city.

Is Tanzania President Samia Suluhu Launching US to Tanzania Direct Flights?

The initiative to establish US to Tanzania direct flights was inspired by President Samia Suluhu. She has a vision to showcase the real Tanzania to the world, as portrayed in the documentary “The Royal Tour.” Lynn McCormick, a US business partner with Excellent Guides Tanzania, emphasized the impact of the documentary in promoting Tanzania’s beauty, culture, and diversity.

The Royal Tour has successfully attracted American tourists, with over 120 travel agents visiting Tanzania, contributing to the country’s tourism sector. The specific details regarding the commencement date of the direct flights remain undisclosed. Still, the move is expected to address a longstanding concern for American tourists – the arduous journey that takes more than 30 hours to reach Tanzania.

Suluhu’s administration aims to improve accessibility to Tanzania and further penetrate the American market. Its intent is capitalizing on the nation’s natural wonders, including the Ngorongoro Crater National Park and the iconic Serengeti.

How Much Does Tanzania Earn From Tourism?

Tourism currently holds the position of the leading foreign exchange earner for Tanzania, surpassing even the mining sector. The Ministry of Tourism is actively exploring avenues to achieve its ambitious $5 million tourist target by 2024. Despite Tanzania’s abundance of unique attractions, the number of American tourists visiting the country lags behind other nations.

Joseph Kapinga, a representative of Tanzania’s Embassy in the US is upbeat about the new plan. He says that the US to Tanzania direct flights have a massive potential if a small percentage of American travelers choose Tanzania. Kapinga estimates that this East African country has a lot of potential to offer the best to 50 million active American tourists.

Is America Ready For US to Tanzania Direct Flights?

Jonathan Howard from the Tanzanian US Embassy reassured American travellers of their safety in Tanzania. Howard highlighted the economic partnership opportunities for American investors too at the event. Among the things he highlighted are Tanzanian hospitality, culture and entertainment.

us to tanzania direct flights

American tourists enjoying the Tanzanian wild. Photo/A Tanzania Travelogue

He encouraged tourists from the US to try out Tanzanian cuisine which carries a deep cultural connection between the people and visitors. Howard insisted that the US Embassy in Tanzania is focused on building two-way trade, tourism investments, and partnerships. He emphasized that tourism is not just about providing incredible experiences but also driving conservation and economic development.

Why is the Royal Tour Documentary Important in US to Tanzania Direct Flights?

President Samia Suluhu Hassan

President Samia Suluhu Hassan. Photo/Habari za Kimataifa

President Samia’s Royal Tour created an environment for local tour companies to penetrate the US market. The Tanzanian embassy in Washington, DC, played a pivotal role in promoting Tanzania’s tourism through various exhibitions and events. The Tanzanian Embassy in US acknowledged the embassy’s efforts to boost Tanzania’s visibility and increase the number of American tourists.

According to Kapinga, the documentary is a key market influencer of tourism in Tanzania back in the US. Many American travelers want to experience firsthand everything they see in this film. Thus, he implores that launching US to Tanzania direct flights in 2024 is a big move in promoting tourism in the Swahili-speaking nation.


The Tanzanian government takes a significant step towards establishing direct flights to and from the US. It is a move poised to strengthen the ties between the two nations, foster economic partnerships, and propel Tanzania’s tourism industry to new heights. The exact details of this exciting development are eagerly awaited as the government continues its efforts to position Tanzania as an unforgettable destination for American travelers.

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