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Best Outfit To Rock During An African Safari

Dressed for An African safari
Written by See Africa Today

Now that you know all the essential items to pack for Africa, you might be wondering what the best African safari outfits are.

The safari clothing differs from country to country though most of them have things in common. So let’s look at what clothes should be in your safari luggage.

Some hotels or hostels you are going to stay at won’t have washing machines. You might want to pack clothes that you can easily wash on your own.

African Safari Outfit

African Safari Outfit. [Photo: Africa Endeavors]

Safari Clothes For Men

Pack some jeans and t-shirts or a safari shirt. The number depends on the days your trip will be. Since it gets really hot in some places, you might want to pack some shorts. Don’t forget your safari shoes. These might be your normal sports shoes or jungle shoes. They all work perfectly.

  • Hat- Who wouldn’t want to rock an African safari with a hat?
  • Jackets- For when it gets cold in the night.
  • Lightweight clothes like vests
  • Flip flops

Safari Outfits For Women

There are no designated clothes to wear on an African safari. I suggest you wear something you can be completely comfortable in as long as it’s decent.

  • Safari dresses
  • Jeans
  • Tops or t-shirts
  • Safari shoes – sneakers or boots
  • Swimming costumes to hit the beach.
  • Sunglasses. – The sun can be really intense and you don’t want to punish your eyes.
  • Hat- protect your head from scorching by adding a hat to your packing list for Africa.
  • Open shoes
  • Sweatpants

What Not To Pack For An African Safari

Don’t carry all your valuables to Africa!

Just pack only those valuable items that are essential to your trip. There is always some kind of theft in some parts of Africa, so if you scream rich, you are attracting thieves.

Don’t Carry Too Much Luggage

Though some tourists from Europe and other parts of the world think that Africa is like one of those places in the middle of nowhere. That is a myth! You don’t need to literally pack your entire house in a suitcase. You can always buy some items from Africa.

Don’t Carry A Lot Of Cash With You

You don’t want to risk losing your valuables and being left with nothing. Just carry a reasonable amount of cash and a Visa or Credit card. There are so many ATM machines spread around in almost all African countries that you can use to access your money.

Ladies, Don’t Pack High Heels

By all means, high-heeled shoes must stay at home. They shouldn’t take up any space in your safari backpack.

What Other Travel Essentials Should You Have When Visiting Africa

While you look forward to finally coming down to Africa, purpose on making the best of these moments. Gladly, you have control of how you shape these moments by simply tagging along with essential things for a classic African tour.

So, here are a few essential items you should have during your African Safari.

African Safari Outfit

Dressed for An African safari. [Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue]


If I were you, the first item in my backpack would be a camera. With Africa’s natural beauty, who would want to miss out on photographing the breathtaking scenery and wildlife?

Things have evolved and phones can now take decent images. But they cannot take immaculate professional photos of something you’ve never seen before. So, a good camera should definitely be on your Africa safari packing list.


One of the most critical items to include on your Africa packing list is binoculars. In fact, a safari in Africa would be incomplete without them. You’ve probably seen a lot of photographs of travelers in Africa using binoculars.

It’s not just about fashion, but also to get a closer look at Africa’s natural beauties. So you’ll need a set of beautiful and high-quality binoculars to get a closer look at faraway animals and birds.

Universal Travel Adapter

If you’ve traveled to different nations, you’ve probably noticed the difference in types of wall sockets. Because you are unfamiliar with the African country you will be visiting, bring a universal travel adapter with you. That country may use a different type of socket than your native country. It also eliminates the need to buy a different travel adapter for each country you visit.

Power Bank

I’m sure we all want to stay in touch with the rest of the world, particularly our families back home. Power outages are widespread in some regions of Africa. A Portable Power Bank will allow you to stay connected even if the power goes out.

Portable Solar Charger

Get a solar portable charger if you’re planning a trip to one of Africa’s off-the-beaten-path. A solar portable charger will come in handy for all those clear reasons. When the power goes out or when the place you’re traveling to has no electricity.

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