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The Best African Countries for American Expats to Live in

best African countries for American expats
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Which are the best African countries for American expats to settle? Amidst the shifting ideas of global exploration and affordable living, foreigners from all regions, including Europe and the United States of America are opting to live in Africa.

The continent, which is considered the Cradle of Humankind, beckons with promises of adventure, more exotism and professional growth waiting to be woven into the expat experience. Within the continent, a symphony of experiences awaits American expats who would love to start a new chapter away from home. And with that said, here are the best African countries for American expats:

1. South Africa 

One of the most developed countries in Africa, South Africa is considered as one of the top destinations for American expats. The country, located at the southern tip of Africa, is dominated by blacks just like many other countries in the continent, but has a considerable population of whites and Asians.

best African countries for American expats

South Africa. Photo/ Nedbank.

More and more American citizens are choosing to call South Africa home owing to its sizable expat community, good quality of life, relaxed lifestyle and mild climate. The cities in South Africa have giant skyscrapers, impressive shopping malls and high-end restaurants. Expat retirees have a lot to explore in South Africa, thanks to the abundance of natural beauty.

2. Ghana

In the beating heart of West Africa, Ghana emerges as one of the best African countries for American expats. Despite being one of the countries with the highest cost of living, Ghana is increasingly becoming a preferred choice for American expats and retirees. Well, this shouldn’t be a surprise considering the West African country is ranked among the safest countries in the continent. Violence against expatriates is minimal in Ghana compared to other African countries.

best African countries for American expats

Ghana. Photo/

Also, Ghana has ample amount of opportunities and its economy is doing well compared to other African countries. Apart from being the second largest producer of gold and cocoa in Africa, Ghana is also among the giant countries when it comes to exporting oil and diamonds.

3. Egypt

A country with a very low cost of living, Egypt is an ideal destination for American expats. From digital nomads to entrepreneurs, to teachers, Egypt offers a wealth of opportunity for foreign workers looking to start a new life in Africa. However, adapting to life in the North African country might be challenging, especially if you’re moving from a cold region because it is mostly covered in deserts.

The tourist attractions in Egypt are a real heaven for anyone interested in ancient history. There are tops of Egyptian museums to explore and the famous Gaza pyramids. Also, you can discover Egypt’s sunken city of Thonis-Heracleion and its beauty.

4. Kenya 

Next on the list of the best African countries for American expats is Kenya. Also known as the cradle of humanity, the East African country is famed for its majestic wildlife, beautiful countryside and vibrant culture, attracting foreigners.

best African countries for American expats

Kenya’s capital Nairobi has a national park. Photo/ andBeyond.

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, ranks among the top cities in the world. The city has been completely transformed in the past decade resulting in great places to live, improvements in public transportation, infrastructure and economic liberality. As a result, you’ll find many American expats living in Nairobi.

5. Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco is one of the best African countries for American expats. Morocco has a mild climate and boasts a relatively low cost of living than most countries in North America. Expats moving to this North African country are greeted by a colourful land, scenic beauty, delicious food and bustling marketplaces. Most of them settle in Rabat, Marrakesh and Casablanca.

Best African countries for American expats

Morocco. Photo/ Adam’s Expats Blog – Adam Fayed.

There are plenty of job opportunities for expats looking for employment in the tourism industry. Opportunities also exist in the technology and business sectors.

Where Do American Expats Live in Africa? 

  1. South Africa
  2. Ghana
  3. Egypt
  4. Kenya
  5. Morocco
  6. Seychelles
  7. Mauritius
  8. Botswana
  9. Tanzania
  10. Tunisia

What Is the Best African Country For Americans to Move to?

Owing to its mid climate, sizable expat community, good quality of life and relaxed lifestyle, South Africa is one of the best African countries for Americans to move to.

Which African Country Is Best to Live And Work in?

Mauritius. This island in Eastern Africa is one of the cleanest and safest countries in Africa. It also boasts one of the highest-earning potentials because of its competitiveness and active economy. The country is also ideal for senior citizens seeking a country for retirement.

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