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African Cities With Chinese Food and Drinks

Chinese Cuisine
Written by See Africa Today

Without a doubt, the Chinese are part of the African culture. They are the new face of African cultural intrigues through infrastructure and business development. That’s why there are African cities with Chinese food and drinks

China has emerged as a global power for African countries which has sorted its services in building infrastructure and running mega enterprises in the continent.

The proliferation of Chinese nationals has seen the emergence of hotels and restaurants mainly dealing with Chinese cuisine. It is now a popular delicacy not just for Chinese nationals in Africa but for Africans too who have grown to love a variety of Chinese food.

Besides the amazing Chinese dishes in these restaurants, there is a general aura of the Asian culture from the Chinese artwork, music and basic setting of these restaurants.

Here we explore African cities with Chinese food and drinks.

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In Kenya’s capital Nairobi, there are about 30 or so Chinese restaurants. Most of these restaurants are set up in the suburbs of the city, a majority of them being in Kilimani, Lavington, Milimani and Kileleshwa areas.

These are the highlands of Nairobi where a lot of Chinese nationals live. It is also where the Kenya upper class live. This explains the proliferation of Chinese restaurants in these suburbs. A part of the Chinese cuisine includes the vegan option which a good number of Chinese living in Kenya opt for.

Some of the popular Chinese restaurants in Nairobi include Zen Garde, Panda Chinese Restaurant, Taste of China, For You Chinese Restaurant, Bangkok Chinese Restaurant, China Plate, Han Ji’s Corner, Eastern Garden, Wok & Wine Restaurant among others.


In South Africa, the Chinese food culture has found its way into the traditional cuisines for South Africa. A walk through Johannesburg speaks volumes of the growing love for Chinese food. There are a string of Chinese restaurants and Chinese fast-food joints dotting the city. There are more than 30 Chinese restaurants in South Africa’s capital city.

Some of the popular Chinese restaurants in Jo’burg are The Red Chamber, Pron, Foo Wah, Shun De Chinese Restaurant, Fong Mei Restaurant, Chinese Northern Food Restaurant, Lotus Chinese Restaurant, KAKAO Chinese and Sushi, Sing Fei among others.

Dar es Salaam

Ever thought of a rich Swahili cuisine welcoming a foreign food culture? You may have just thought of Tanzania’s capital Dar es Salaam. It is one of the other East African countries with a sizeable number of Chinese nationals residing here doing business or overseeing infrastructural development.

Salai Thai is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Dar es Salaam. Salai is known for its rich heritage of international cuisine as it also offers American cuisine but the Asian cuisine remains dominant on the plate.

In Dar es Salaam, look for the following Chinese restaurants: Chengdu, The Great Wall Restaurant, Tai Huo San Zhuang, Oriental Restaurant, Imperial Court, Desi Taste Restaurant, Relish and Pacino The Chef.


Just like other East African countries, Chinese cuisine remains popular. In Uganda, the cuisine has created a booming business for entrepreneurs that there are now online sales and delivery of Chinese cuisine.

Popular Chinese restaurants include Asian fusion, The Spice Junction China Bowl, Nanjing Restaurant, Shangai Chinese Restaurant, Fang Fang Chinese Ltd, Huayuan Restaurant and Aangan Restaurant.


Lagos in Nigeria is a metropolitan city that prides on cultural diversity. As Africa’s bubby city with a fast-growing economy, Chinese food accounts for a huge chunk of Lagos’ food culture. Some of the Chinese restaurants in this city have online deliveries which have spurred their growth.

To indulge in the Chinese food culture, pay a visit to New China Restaurant, Pearl Garden, Jade Palace Chinse Cuisine, Peppercorn Avenue, Chopsticks Cuisine Emperor Hotels & Restaurant, Yin Yang Express, Marco Polo and Bustop Bistro.

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