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6 Things You Could Do to Celebrate Africa Day

Africa Day
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Whenever you fly to the second largest continent in the world everything changes. You immerse yourself in a wonderful tale and the world honours these unforgettable memories by celebrating Africa Day.

Africa is a home for all. You get more than you bargain for; from free-spirited people, the parks, wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes to pristine beaches of international repute.

Moreover, you have an opportunity to be part of a culture that makes headlines across the world. The beautiful tales of adventure in this continent, and political and social development are why Africa Day exists. It is the auspicious event that holds the people’s social fabric.

What Africa Day Means?

Africa Day is celebrated every year on May 25 to honour the creation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). It is the present-day African Union (AU). The event comes with a special theme every year aimed at promoting Africa’s rich history, culture, common values and Pan-Africanism.

Whilst celebrating everyone here, the day is also a dedication to arts and heritage from this part of the world. Formerly known as African Freedom day or African Liberation Day; it rebranded to African Union in 2002.

Africa Day

Students from the  College of Agriculture at the University of KwaZulu-Natal celebrate Africa Day in South Africa. Photo/University of KwaZulu-Natal

Why Do We Celebrate African?

The purpose of Africa Day is to commemorate and celebrate the African Union’s achievements in the fight against colonialism. Each country has something special to celebrate AU for.

For instance, South Africa hails AU for its efforts to end apartheid since its founding on May 25, 1963. The union was in the forefront in fighting this vice that ended in 1994. It’s also a way to honour the late Nelson Mandela who for decades called an end to apartheid.

Besides, the commemoration of Africa Day celebrates Africa for its efforts in addressing common challenges around the continent.  Moreover, it comes with a different theme each year championing a particular cause.

For instance, there are past years when the theme was one conservation of wildlife, and the environment among others. Art is also at the heart of the celebrations because it has a deeper insight into the heritage of the African people.

Empowerment for women and the youth also features prominently in Africa Day’s themes.

What Do You Do on Africa Day?

There is a lot you can do to commemorate this day. It presents an opportunity to learn more about Africa, its people, values and treasures. So these are the few things you can do during Africa Day.

Visit an Art Museum

The Yemisi Shyllon Museum in Nigeria is just one of many cultural landmarks in Africa. Learn about art, music, fashion, and food in a variety of ways by visiting 42 cultural sites around the continent and reading more than 300 expertly-curated tales.

Read About West African Heritage

West Africa has a rich heritage. And Mali is one of the West African countries with beautiful tales about its heritage.

Learn About African Heroes

African Day is an excellent moment to learn and discover about the heroes of the continent. Each country has a hero (es) whose legendary deeds live on as an inspiration to generations to come.

Find Out Why Africans are so Creative

Africa Day

Africa Day greatly celebrates African Art. Photo/The African Exponent

You have a chance to understand why Africa is a creativity hub. Travel back in time learning about the first artist’s studio through prehistoric rock art to some of today’s most innovative artists.

Women Trailblazers in Africa

Inspire yourself by listening to other women’s stories. Discover the bravery of campaigner Winnie Mandela, the inspiring narrative of Queen Tiye, and the power of strong women ruling the business world. They are inspiring!

Entertain Yourself

You can opt to stay home and listen to powerful records by African artists such as the legendary Fela Kuti. Or Miriam Makeba  – and still play your favourite music from an African artist. You could also pop into the African Day concert and enjoy African music.

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