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7 Popular Arts and Crafts African Shops Near Me in Uganda

African Art: African Shops near me
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Travelling down to Africa always ends with a story of bliss. And having memories about it isn’t a bad idea. One thing people love is souvenirs to treasure the memory. So are there African shops near me in Uganda?

Souvenirs such as art and crafts are the best to carry home with you as a reminder of your African trip. The African shops near me contain pieces of art and crafts from Uganda and other countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania.

African crafts stores are common all over Uganda, but Kampala has the most. Whether you are looking for carvings, baskets, weavings, and African fabrics and already made attires, there are several shops in Kampala to choose from.

Where Do Arts and Crafts Come From?

Are there African shops near me in Uganda? Absolutely there are. The markets, although predominantly carrying Uganda crafts have a mix of artifacts from neighbouring countries, such as DRC and Kenya.

Most of the items are handmade and they include jewellery, drums, carved items, greeting cards, and weapons such as spears. There is also a variety made of barkcloth, banana leaves, paper, wood, paintings, and batiks. You need to visit some of these African shops to explore fully and enjoy the displays.

African Shops near me

African Shops near me. Photo/culture trip

Where Can You Find Interesting African Art and Crafts in Kampala?

There is a lot of genuine art found in shops in Kampala. Some internationally recognised artists’ work is displayed in some of-the-art galleries in Uganda’s capital. Here are some of the 7 popular arts and crafts African shops near me;

Exposure Africa

Found at Buganda road, next to Daisy’s arcade, Exposure Africa is perhaps the biggest crafts market in Kampala. It has over 30 stalls selling a variety of items. Most of the items displayed here are from Uganda and Kenya. You can find a variety of artefacts in this one place, which makes it a good shopping stop if you are looking for a keepsake in Africa.

Uganda Crafts-2000 LTD

Uganda Crafts-2000 LTD is at DLCO-EA House on Bombo Road, Kampala. It is a not for a profit trade fair that creates and offers jobs for the people with disability, the disadvantaged, the marginalized, and orphans living with HIV/AIDs. They make items from wood, banana leaves, cane, leather, and many more materials. There are crafts from Uganda, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Uganda Arts & Crafts Village

The arts and crafts village is behind the National Theatre in Kampala. It has a collection of stalls and shops that sell various African items such as wood carvings, some leather crafts, Ugandan-made shirts and dresses, and small chairs and tables. There is often a mixture of kitsch and good handicrafts. Be careful to tell the difference.

Friday Craft Market

This is more like a market day, along Ggaba road in Nsambya, every Friday. The best part about this market is that you are more likely to deal with the artisans rather than resellers, which makes it easier to get good prices.

Exploring the market is enjoyable, and you may come across some awesome pieces of African culture.

African Craft Uganda

African Craft Uganda. Photo/Wild Gorilla Safaris


The word Maridadi in Swahili translates to glamorous, stylish, and elegant. Maridadi sources most of its wares from the best artisans all over Africa.

Each piece is intricately designed, carefully crafted, and a flourish of creativity. Collections at Maridadi showcase the different cultures of Africa. It is one of the most outstanding African shops near me.

Banana Boat store

Banana Boat shop has three exciting shops in Uganda, selling beautiful African crafts and tribal art sourced from all over Africa. From skillfully woven baskets to handmade leather sandals, the Banana Boat store has the best. You will find batiks, jewellery, greeting cards, carvings, metal art and so much more at this African shop.

Banana Boat also has designs and crafts developed by Ugandan women’s groups, families and small workshops combining Uganda’s traditional skills with fresh ideas. Banana boat shops are at the garden city shopping mall and the Lugogo mall in Kisementi.

Nommo Gallery

Nommo gallery is at Nakasero near Sheraton hotel, Kampala. It has a collection of interesting art for the avid art collector with fine artworks from various East African artists.

There are a few other privately owned art galleries with great artwork and paintings in Uganda that offer arts and crafts and friendly prices. Keep your eyes open as you explore the country, and you will be amazed. The one exciting thing about shopping in Uganda is the seller-buyer bargaining dance; it is an interesting experience.

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